Best Cordless Drill Under $50

Today, cordless drills have become more popular than corded models. However, it’s not that easy to find the best cordless drill under $50 since you have to consider some factors in order to be sure that you will purchase the right one. It may not have the maximum torque and the relentless power of a corded electric drill but it is affordable, powerful enough, and more convenient, especially for DIY projects.

You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars just to find the best cordless drill because you can find some affordable options. However, not all of them are created equally. If you chose the cheapest one, you might end up having problems using it in the long run. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best cheap cordless drills under $50 to help you decide. Let’s start!

#ModelWeightBatteryVoltageSpeed (RPM)Clutch PositionsChuck SizePrice
1BLACK+DECKER LDX120C3.4 lbsLithium-ion20V65011⅜ "Check Price
2Genesis GCD18BK7 lbsNiCD18V55016⅜ "Check Price
3Hi Spec DT30319-US5.65 lbsNiMH18V55017⅜ "Check Price
4Ryobi P208 One+3 lbsLithium-ion available18V55024½ "Check Price
5Avid Power MW3162.2 lbsLithium-ion20V55016⅜ "Check Price

If it’s your first time to buy a cordless drill and you’re confused about the factors listed above such as chuck size and clutch positions, here are some quick guides and tips:

  • Chuck size – It limits the size of the drill bit that you can use since a chuck is a slot where you can insert the bit. The most common chuck size is ⅜”, however, it might not be able to fit larger drill bits, unlike a ½” chuck size that has a wider range of hole size options.
  • Clutch – This can also be called torque control. Each clutch position represents the twisting power or the amount of torque being produced by the drill. The higher the number of torque positions, the more levels of torque adjustment you will have at your disposal. The clutch also limits the amount of torque to prevent damage on the material.
  • Speed – It refers to how fast the chuck can turn when you use it. The speed of the cordless drill is measured in rotations per minute or rpm. The usual cordless drill speed ranges from 500 to 200 rpm, and most of the models have a maximum no-load speed of 1000 rpm.
  • Battery – There are three types of batteries for cordless drills: Lithium-ion, Nickel-cadmium, and Nickel metal hydride. The most common and recommended type of battery is Lithium-ion since it’s lightweight compared to the other two.
  • Voltage – It determines how much power can be delivered by a battery. Higher voltage means more power. For heavy work, you can go for an 18 up to a 36-volt battery.

Reviews of Cordless Drills Under $50: Our Top Picks


LDX120C is ideal for screw driving as well as drilling metal, plastics, and woods. It is a great tool to consider, especially when you have a big DIY project or day-to-day work in your home. Aside from being affordable, it will provide you the advantages that you can have on a basic drill. With Lithium-ion Technology and its 20V MAX System, it will offer more charge and a longer lifespan than NiCAD batteries. You can also save on electricity consumption because lithium-ion batteries can charge faster than other types and it’s lightweight and more compact.

At its peak, the drilling speed of LDX120C is 650 rpm, which is quick when it comes to drilling despite its small size. For convenience, it has a keyless chuck that is sized at ⅜”, which is the most common size that is used for cordless drills.   

The clutch of LDX120C has 11 clutch positions that provide accurate control when screw driving or drilling without damaging the material. It also comes with a LED light so you can see your work clearly if your working area has poor lighting. Black + Decker provides a 2-year warranty for this tool, however, it’s limited to some tool damages or issues only.

What’s Included?

  • 20V MAX Lithium Driver/Drill
  • Lcs20-charger
  • Double-ended Bit
  • Lbx20 20V Max Lithium-ion Battery


  • Longer battery life span.
  • Fast-charging of batteries.
  • Lightweight.
  • It won’t heat up. You can use it while charging.
  • 11 clutch settings.
  • Has a LED light.
  • Prevents slip-ups with its soft rubber handle.


  • Its handle shape can be awkward to hold for some users.
  • Has only one-speed setting.

What Others Are Saying

72% of Amazon customers gave this tool 5 stars in their review. They say that it’s powerful, lightweight and that it’s a fantastic drill for an affordable price. Only 5% with customers gave LDX120C 1-star ratings with complaints about the chuck being frozen or stuck and can’t open.

2. Genesis GCD18BK

When it comes to the best power tools, the brand name Genesis isn’t that well-known but GCD18BK might be what you need for your do-it-yourself projects. This cordless drill has 16 clutch positions and a ⅜” chuck size, which can be an advantage for you since it will provide more control over the drill. It’s lightweight and has a comfortable rubberized pistol grip handle that fits really good in your hand. In dark areas, the tool can provide some illumination if you use the LED light attached to it.

However, it only has an 18-volt NiCD battery that can be a drawback because it charges slower and doesn’t last long unlike Black + Decker LDX120C. Additionally, its speed is only 550 rpm, which is lower but can still get the job done in most cases. This drill is better for occasional renovations, small home fixes, and hanging pictures. It isn’t capable of big DIY projects, unlike LDX120C. The warranty for Genesis GCD18BK is 2 years with limits.

What’s Included?

  • 18V Keyless Chuck Drill
  • 1 NiCD battery
  • Battery Charger
  • 6 drill bits
  • 4 Phillips Head Driver Bits
  • 2 Flat-head driver bits
  • Magnetic Bit Holder
  • Storage Case


  • Lightweight.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to use. Can drill holes and sinks as well.
  • It has a magnetic tray holder work light, bit, and screw.
  • Good value for its price.
  • Has 16 clutch positions.
  • It has a LED light.


  • The battery has a shorter life span.
  • The package only comes with one NiCD battery.
  • Speed is low.

What Others Are Saying?

12% of Amazon customers have only 1 star for this drill and the most common complaint is about a faulty charger and a battery. Consumers report that the charger works well at first but after some time, the battery isn’t charging anymore. For the battery, since it’s NiCD, it is expected not to last as long as models with Lithium-ion batteries. It also charges slower. However, despite the complaints, 54% of the customers are satisfied with the cordless drill, saying that the drill was perfect for light duty work and that what they’ve paid for was worth it.

3. Hi Spec DT30319-US

Hi Spec DT30319-US can be used for a lot of tasks around your house including light replacement and workshops such as drilling plastic, wood, and drywall. It has an 18-volt motor that provides enough power to finish a range of tasks and a 1000mAh Nickel-Metal-Hydride (NiMH) battery that offers a great balance of durability, functionality, and power. The chuck of this drill is ⅜” and keyless, providing an easy one-handed replacement of bits. 17 clutch positions are also available to control the amount of torque exerted in the material so that damage can be prevented. For smooth pilot drilling, variable speed trigger allows accurate speed control of up to 550 rpm with no-load speed.

As a bonus, it has a comprehensive accessory kit that contains 30 pieces of drill/driver bits suited for masonry, metal, and wood-drilling tasks. For an additional advantage, it has a warranty of 3 years.

What’s Included?

  • 18V Hi Spec DT30319-US drill/driver
  • 1000mAh Nickel-Metal-Hydride (NiMH) battery
  • 110V 60Hz Wall Mains Adaptor
  • Magnetic 50mm Bit Connector
  • 17 x Screw Bits
  • 10 x 1″/25mm Screwdriver Insert Bits


  • Lightweight and compact.
  • 30 drilling and screw bits are included.
  • 17 clutch positions are available.
  • Easy to use and carry.


  • The battery is not lithium-ion.

What Others Are Saying

About 68% of reviewers gave Hi Spec DT30319-US 5-star ratings which shows that even though the battery isn’t as capable as the lithium ion, it still provides an excellent performance that made the customers happy. However, 8% of the customers complained that the bits included in the kit do not fit properly in the chuck.

4. Ryobi P208 One+

Ryobi P208 One+ is a cordless drill that’s compatible with either lithium-ion and NiCD batteries. However, it’s not included in the package when you purchase it. You can easily change the bits since it has a keyless chuck. The size of the chuck is ½” with an automatic spindle lock. Its clutch has 24 positions with a 2-speed gearbox to adjust the amount of torque that will prevent you from snapping the fastener head off.

It has a pistol-styled rubberized overgrip to improve handling and to avoid it from slipping from your hand. Your bits won’t be misplaced because it has a magnetic bit tray that comes with the package. Just like the first two cordless drills in this round-up, Ryobi P208 One+ also has a LED light for illumination when working in dark areas.

What’s Inside?

This cordless drill is considered as a bare tool when you buy it. It means that you will only be getting the Ryobi P208 One+ drill/driver itself, without batteries, manual, and charger.


  • Has a magnetic tray.
  • There are two options for batteries.
  • Has 24 clutch positions.
  • The rubber grip is comfortable for handling.


  • There are no charger, battery, and manual included when you buy it. So you will have to spend more in order to use this model.

What Others Are Saying

Even without batteries, a manual, and a charger included, a whooping 78% of Amazon reviewers gave Ryobi P208 One+ 5-star ratings. This means that most of the customers had a great experience and are satisfied with what the drill is capable of. Only 6% of the customers who bought the tool showed dissatisfaction, saying the drill didn’t last long and stopped working after a few uses.

5. Avid Power MW316

Avid Power MW316 has a multifunctional battery pack that comes with an innovative USB output which serves as a real-time capacity indicator that compatible for phone charging and a 20-volt, 1.5Ah lithium-ion battery that provides longer battery life span. It’s lightweight and compact design minimizes fatigue, especially if you need to perform drilling and screwing tasks for extended periods of time.

16 clutch positions are available for precise torque control and a ⅜” chuck size ideal for a lot of drilling tasks. You will have a comfortable grip with MW316’s rubber handle and you can handle it with one hand only. It also has a LED light for illumination just like the cordless drills listed above. For precise operation, a variable speed of up to 550 rpm with electric brake function is included. Warranty of 2 years is also provided by Avid Power.

What’s Included?

  • Avid Power 20V cordless drill
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Battery charger
  • 10pcs drill bits
  • 10pcs driver bits
  • An extension bar for sticking on the fastener
  • Magnetic flexible shaft for
  • Double-ended screwdriver Bit


  • USB output to check battery levels.
  • Compact design and lightweight.
  • Lithium-ion battery included.
  • Double-ended driver bits.
  • Has 16 clutch positions.


  • Instructions in the manual aren’t clear.
  • They don’t offer battery replacements.

What Others Are Saying

Customers who aren’t satisfied complain about the chuck being broken, the USB charger not working, and that the instructions in the manual aren’t clear. However, about 63% of the Amazon ratings for this tool is 5 stars and customers reviewed that the drill has a great value for an affordable price.

Our Final Thoughts

For us, the two of the best cordless drills for les than $50 are Black + Decker LDX120C and Ryobi P280 One+. They don’t just do a lot of work, they also became reputable since almost all of the customers who purchased and used these drills are satisfied with the performance.

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