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When you use your car, the natural running of the engine causes the build-up of petrol, dust and dirt over time. This build up of grease and grime is very difficult to remove with just soap and water and requires the use of a strong degreaser. Degreasers are specially formulated to clean the engine of your car effectively. Not only do degreasers help to clean your car engine, it also allows you to spot any problems with the engine too, which is quite difficult to recognize when the engine is dirty.

Also, if you plan to sell your car, a clean and shiny engine gives a great impression to the buyer and also raises the car’s value. Since an engine degreaser is an inexpensive product, there are several manufacturers and brands available, which makes the buying process quite confusing.

In this article, we have discussed some of the qualities of the best degreasers and also a few factors you must consider before buying the “perfect” degreaser for your car engine.

In-Depth Reviews of the 6 Best Engine Degreaser Cleaners

ImageEngine Degreaser ReviewSummary
Simple Green CrystalIndustrial Cleaner and Engine DegreaserCheck Price
Krud Kutter KK012Cleaner/Degreaser and Stain RemoverCheck Price
Purple Power Super StrengthHome and Automotive Cleaner DegreaserCheck Price
Chemical Guys Signature Series OrangeEngine DegreaserCheck Price
Griot’s Garage Engine CleanerBest Spray-On DegreaserCheck Price
Oil Eater Heavy-Duty DegreaserVersatile DegreaserCheck Price

Simple Green Crystal Industrial Cleaner and Engine Degreaser – Top Choice Degreaser

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The Simple Green Crystal Degreaser is among the top-rated degreasers that are ideal for both industrial as well as home use and for automobiles too. If there are any stubborn oil or grease stains rooted deeply on any surface, the Simple Green Crystal degreaser will break it down and remove it in no time.

The degreaser comes in a highly concentrated form and depending on your use, you can dilute it. The Simple Green Crystal degreaser is non-flammable, non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-hazardous and is extremely effective, which makes the degreaser a firm favorite. The 100% biodegradable degreaser is fragrance-free and quite potent too.

Being 100% biodegradable, the Simple Green Crystal Degreaser is environmentally friendly and safe for your health too. Despite being more expensive than the other brands of degreasers in the market, the Simple Green Crystal Degreaser is probably the best engine degreaser around and it is no wonder that this degreaser is on the No.1 spot on our list.

Features of the Simple Green Crystal Degreaser

  • Fragrance-free cleaning solution.
  • All-purpose cleaner and degreaser.
  • Non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-hazardous and biodegradable cleaner.
  • Colorless, odor-free.
  • Superior rinsability.

  • Effective all-purpose cleaner and degreaser.
  • Very mild and non-corrosive.
  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly.
  • Fragrance-free.


  • Not as potent as other degreasers available in the market.

Krud Kutter KK012 Cleaner/Degreaser and Stain Remover – Most Effective Automotive Degreaser

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The Krud Kutter KK012 Degreaser is a very effective automotive degreaser and probably the most popular among the various degreasers available in the market. The degreaser is available in a fully concentrated form and needs to be diluted to adjust its strength as per your cleaning or degreasing requirements.

The Krud Kutter KK012 is effective to remove various types of stains from different surfaces such as adhesives, glue, grease and oil, pet stains, paint overspray, tree sap, tape residue, markers, crayons, wax, etc.

The Krud Kutter KK012 is made of a blend of proprietary components that include biodegradable emulsifiers, detergents and surfactants which make it extremely effective. The degreaser does not contain any ammonia, bleach or petrol-based solvents and it is water-based, non-flammable, non-abrasive, non-toxic, fragrance-free and biodegradable, which makes the Krud Kutter KK012 excellent for the environment and for your safety too. All these aspects make the Krud Kutter KK012 among the best car degreasers available.

Features of the Krud Kutter KK012 Degreaser

  • Effective and quick stain remover.
  • Proprietary formula of biodegradable emulsifiers, detergents and surfactants.
  • Non-corrosive, non-abrasive, non-flammable, non-toxic, bio-degradable water-based solvent.
  • Does not contain any bleach, ammonia or petroleum solvents.

  • Cleans all types of tough stains effectively.
  • Biodegradable, eco-friendly.
  • Water-based, non-corrosive formula.
  • Affordable.


  • Not suitable for use on leather and varnished surfaces.
  • May cause slight discoloration.

Purple Power Super Strength Home and Automotive Cleaner Degreaser – Best Value Degreaser

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If you are looking for an effective industrial strength degreasing agent, then you should consider the Purple Power Degreaser. This is probably the most affordable and budget option on our review and you can buy around 1 gallon of Purple Power for a little less than $5.

The degreaser is available as a concentrate and it penetrates the oil, grease and dirt and creates a barrier between the stain and the surface and removes it. Not only suitable for industrial cleaning jobs such as removing oil stains from concrete and asphalt, the degreaser is ideal for automotive use such as cleaning the wheels, engine, exhaust, interiors, etc. of any vehicle.

The Purple Power degreaser is a non-flammable, non-abrasive, phosphate-free and biodegradable degreaser, which makes it safe to use and it is also environment-friendly. And, the best part is that apart from being very effective, the degreaser is extremely affordable too.

Features of the Purple Power Degreaser

  • Formula penetrates through oil, dirt and grease.
  • Suitable for variety of surfaces for home, shop, auto, farm and marine use.
  • Non-flammable, non-abrasive, phosphate-free, biodegradable.

  • Very versatile and effective cleaner.
  • A single application can remove thick layer of grime and dirt.
  • Has an odor-free formula and can be used safely on metal, rubber and plastic.
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable.
  • Comes with a complete user manual.


  • Not a universal degreaser.
  • Not suitable for delicate plastic and aluminum parts.
  • Has a somewhat unpleasant odor.

Chemical Guys Signature Series Orange Engine Degreaser – Best Automobile Degreaser

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If you’re looking for a degreaser specifically for your automobiles, then the Chemical Guys Degreaser is an ideal choice. The degreaser can be used in its highly concentrated form as a heavy-duty degreaser or you can dilute it as per your requirement for a milder formula.

The Chemical Guys Degreaser helps to remove the most stubborn dirt, grime, oil and grease stains that have accumulated in your vehicle. The tough citrus-based formula of the Chemical Guys Degreaser is perfect for cleaning engines, tires, wheels, machinery and the floor of automobiles and the citrus orange fragrance of the degreaser leaves your vehicle smelling quite pleasant.

The best part about the Chemical Guys degreaser is that it comes in a 16oz. bottle, which you can use directly as a spray, unlike the other degreasers that are available in 1-gallon jugs and require to be poured into spray bottles separately.

Not only restricted to just automobiles, the Chemical Guys Degreaser is a fantastic degreaser that is versatile and multipurpose. The Chemical Guys Degreaser is a great buy to have your car shining as good as new with just a few sprays.

Features of the Chemical Guys Degreaser

  • Industrial-strength cleaner with citrus-based formula.
  • Appropriate for removal of tough grime, grease, oil and dirt.
  • Suitable for tools, rims, tires, engines, undercarriages and machinery.

  • Has a pleasant orange fragrance.
  • Heavy-duty degreaser.
  • Very versatile and a multipurpose cleaner.
  • The spray bottle makes it very simple to use.


  • Price too steep for just 16 oz. of the degreaser.
  • May damage parts made of aluminium.

Griot’s Garage Engine Cleaner – Best Spray-On Degreaser

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The Griot’s Garage Engine Degreaser has been created specifically as a car engine cleaner. This mild, spray-on degreaser has a simple method of use. All you have to do is to spray it, agitate it using a brush, let the degreaser sit on the surface for a few minutes and allow it to break down the grease, oil and dirt and then simply rinse the degreaser off. This leaves the surface clean and all set for polishing or waxing.

The Griot’s Garage Engine degreaser is available in various sizes, which you can buy according to your cleaning requirement. The formula of the Griot’s Garage Engine degreaser is non-caustic and biodegradable, which makes it safe for your health and the environment too.

Although a bit pricey, the degreaser is still affordable and won’t make a dent in your savings. The Griot’s Garage Engine degreaser is a perfect way to clean your car engine and have it look as good as new in just under 30 minutes.

Features of the Griot’s Garage Engine Degreaser

  • Mild strength degreaser ideal for engines.
  • Spray, agitate and rinse off.
  • Surfaces cleaned and ready for waxing or polishing.

  • Safe for cleaning engine parts.
  • Multiple coats result in a glossy finish and it also acts as a paint protector.
  • Compact carrying bottle easy to store and does not occupy a lot of space.


  • Expensive compared to other degreasers.
  • The fragrance may be irritating.

Oil Eater Heavy-Duty Degreaser – Most Versatile Degreaser

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The Oil Eater Heavy-Duty Degreaser is a fantastic product and it really works by removing dirt, oil and grease stains. The degreaser is extremely safe to use as it does not contain any acids, petroleum-based solvents or abrasives. It is non-corrosive, non-hazardous, non-toxic and approved by the USDA for use on non-food surfaces and it dissolves oil and grease very safely and effectively. It is also water-based and biodegradable, which makes it environment-friendly and safe to use in septic tanks.

The Oil Eater Heavy-Duty Degreaser is perfect for industrial use, to degrease machinery, engines, pressure washers, tools, hoods, etc. It is also great for household use such as cleaning floors, carpets, stoves, driveways, boat hulls, grills, decks, etc. and even laundry.

The heavy-duty degreaser is available as a concentrate and can be diluted for your particular requirement based on the dilution chart available. When diluted as recommended, a gallon of the degreaser can last you quite a bit.

Features of the Oil Eater Heavy-Duty Degreaser

  • Suitable for removing oil and grease from all surfaces.
  • Suitable for industrial and home use.
  • Contains no abrasives, acids or petroleum solvents.
  • Water-based and biodegradable.
  • Non-corrosive, non-hazardous, non-toxic, USDA approved for non-food surfaces.

  • Very versatile degreaser and can be used for concrete as well as clothes.
  • Effectively removes even old engine grease.
  • Biodegradable, eco-friendly.


  • If using on old grease build-up, you need to use the degreaser in full strength.
  • May need several applications in order to remove old grease completely.

Degreasers are an extremely easy and convenient way by which you can have your car engine or anything else at your workplace or home shiny and new in no time. Nevertheless, it’s a great idea to evaluate the various options available and consider their pros and cons before choosing the right degreaser for all your cleaning requirements.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Degreaser


The most important aspect to consider when buying a degreaser is the safety. Since you will be using the degreaser very closely, the formulation of the degreaser should meet the safety standards. The best degreasers are usually non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-corrosive and approved by the USDA. This is especially important if you are using the degreaser for household cleaning and degreasing purposes. A good degreaser should also be degradable and eco-friendly.


Another important factor to consider is the concentration of the degreaser, as this will vary according to the part you are cleaning. If the component is fragile, then a lower concentration of the degreaser is sufficient to clean it, as a higher concentration can damage the surface. However, if you are cleaning tough oil and grease stains from brickwork, concrete, etc., then you will require a higher concentration of the degreaser. The best part is that you can buy a highly concentrated solution of the degreaser and dilute it according to your specific application.


You need to check the applicability of the degreaser if you’re planning to use it for other purposes apart from cleaning your car engine. Most of the degreasers available today are versatile and multi purpose, and can be used for both household as well as industrial applications.

Degreasers are not very expensive, so this is not really a major factor to consider since all the options available are fairly affordable. However, there may be some brands which may be more expensive compared to others, in which case, it’s a good idea to check the overall product quality. So ideally, you should buy a good effective product that will meet your cleaning requirements and not really worry too much about the cost, as once you buy a degreaser, it lasts for quite a bit of time.


Finally, it is a good idea to consider the brand and the quality of degreaser before buying one. Although established brands may be a little more expensive, it is definitely worth paying the extra price to be assured that you are getting a high-quality product that will not damage your car engine or any other item you’re cleaning.

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