Best Inversion Gravity Boots – Top 5 Reviews

Gravity boots work on the principle of inversion therapy. They are basically ankle or calf supports that are worn on the ankles and they allow you to hang upside down, either for the purpose of spinal therapy or they can be used as an addition to your regular workout routine.

Gravity boots let you suspend yourself with the position of your feet comfortably above your head. This helps to relieve the effects of gravity on your back, reduces the pressure on the discs in the spinal cord and the pressure on the joints and provides relief from back pain.

The best gravity boots should fit properly and lock the ankle and calf securely to the support. It should be equipped with a sturdy and strong hook that can help you to suspend from an appropriate place. You can use a normal pull-up bar or a door frame or any other surface that is strong enough to hold your weight for suspension.

The Best Gravity Inversion Boots Comparison and Reviews

Here, we have reviews some of the best gravity boots based on their features, customer reviews, ratings and the price. All the products reviewed in this article have been really well received by customers.

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1. Teeter Hang Ups EZ-Up Gravity Boots – Editor’s Top Pick

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These are excellent gravity boots for inversion therapy and as far as gravity boots go Teeter Hang Ups Gravity Boots are considered one of the best gravity boots on the market. The boots are durable and have thick foam liners, which provide great support by surrounding your ankles and sitting on your feet properly. The ratchet self-locking hook mechanism ensures your safety and the buckles allow the boots a custom fit.

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These lightweight gravity boots are indeed a wonderful product that offers you an efficient workout and are ideal if you’re looking for a solution to improve your posture or get relief from back pain. When paired with an inversion table, the Teeter Hang Ups Gravity Boots provide a workout that is more effective. The gravity boots are well-suited for leg workouts and strengthening your core apart from the regular inversion exercises like stretching and decompression.

The comfortable design of the gravity boots let you even use them barefoot and the comfort does not come at the cost of the durability of the boots. The Teeter Hang Ups Gravity Boots can be used on a regular gym bar or wooden frame structure.

In terms of the reputation of the brand, features, and comfort, Teeter Hang Ups Gravity Boots come on top of the stack. Although the boots may be a pricier option than other products on this list, the customer reviews and product features of these gravity boots make them No. 1 on our gravity inversion boots list.

Features of the Teeter Hang Ups Gravity Boots

  • Made of sturdy but flexible Du Pont Hytrel.
  • Double lock system for enhanced safety.
  • Adjustable bootstraps.
  • Removable calf loops which help to reduce the load on the knees and feet. This feature is unique to Teeter Hang Ups.
  • Compatible with Teeter Hang Ups tables, racks and bars.
  • Made in the USA or imported.

  • Has more flexibility and offers better shock absorption systems compared to other products available in this range.
  • Excellent for reducing pressure on nerves.
  • Realigns and distributes the weight throughout the body evenly.
  • Range of movement free of pressure and extremely smooth.


  • Gravity boots not comfortable for people who are overweight, XL model should suit larger individuals better.
  • Quality of these boots comes at slightly higher than average price tag.
  • Door frame must be extremely sturdy if you want to use them on the frame.

2. Teeter Hang Ups EZ Up Gravity Boots XL – Perfect for Larger Legs

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The “Teeter Hang Ups EZ Up Gravity Boots XL” are a great pair of gravity boots, especially if your main objectives are comfort and safety. They are a larger version of Hang Ups EZ Up boots and are meant for men and women with larger than average sizes of shins. The boots are extremely lightweight but at the same time, are very durable. The gravity boots are lined with contouring foam, which is very soft and make the boots extremely comfortable to wear for a long time without causing compression issues like other boots in the same category.

The comfort of the Teeter Hang Ups EZ Up Gravity Boots XL is enhanced by the flexible external shell. The boots are equipped with a double lock system that increases its safety and security. The Teeter Hang Ups EZ Up Gravity Boots XL are an inch bigger in diameter than the regular Teeter Hang Ups EZ Up Gravity Boots, which is a one-size-fits-most size, and also an inch-and-a-half taller.

The straps of the boots are adjustable and can be adapted to fit an ankle of any size. The gravity boots weight around 2.5 lbs. When it comes to safe and comfortable inversion, there is nothing better than the Teeter Cobra XL Gravity Boots.

Features of the Teeter Hang Ups EZ Up Gravity Boots XL

  • Lightweight, weighs 2.5 lbs
  • Durable construction
  • Made of plastic
  • Ultra-soft foam liners
  • Double lock system
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty

  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Soft foam liners offer minimum compression and maximum comfort.
  • Shell of the boots is flexible that enhances comfort.


  • People with average shin bone size may find the fitting to be a problem. This product is 1 inch larger in diameter and one and 1.5 inch taller in height than standard Hang Ups EZ Up model.

3. Body Solid GIB2 Inversion Boots – Cheaper than Teeter

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Looking for a pair of inversion boots that can alleviate muscle fatigue and back pain? Then, the “Body Solid GIB2 Inversion Boots” are the best inversion boots for you. The boots are wonderful to increase your flexibility and enhance your blood circulation too. The Body Solid GIB2 Inversion Boots are durable, comfortable and a “must buy” for anyone into inversion therapy.

The gravity boots are equipped with thick contoured support pads that fit your ankles snugly and provide extra comfort, especially when you’re hanging upside down. The Body Solid GIB2 Inversion Boots include an extra pair of pads for a custom fit and additional comfort. The boots are equipped with a single lock which can be attached to practically any chin-up bar. These gravity boots are quite affordable that most users have voted it to the top in the budget category and it features 3rd on our list.

Features of the Body Solid GIB2 Inversion Boots

  • Single action locking mechanism to attach to any chin-up bar.
  • Thick and contoured support pads for superior comfort.
  • Comes with extra pads for customized fit.

  • Very beneficial in alleviating muscle fatigue and back pain.
  • Recommended by fitness experts and professionals.
  • Provides complete ankle support.


  • They are less adjustable compared to other models available.
  • Not comfortable when used barefoot.
  • Standalone product, not for use with an inversion table.

4. Xtreme Monkey Platinum Inversion Boots – Another Cheaper Alternative

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The “Xtreme Monkey Platinum Inversion Boots” have a solid construction and are made of durable metal. The Xtreme Monkey Platinum Inversion Boots help to fight compression fatigue, relieve back pain, muscle fatigue and spasms.

The boots are equipped with a secure double “lever-and-loop” lock mechanism and can be used with any pull-up bar. And, despite the locking mechanism, the shoes are easy to wear and take off. The Xtreme Monkey Platinum Inversion Boots have extra thick contoured padding which makes them super comfortable and provides an extremely snug fit.

Although the boots are not very cheap compared to the other well-known brands on the list, the boots are “middle-of-the-range” in terms of its pricing and can be considered a value for money because they are quite durable and hard-wearing.

Features of the Xtreme Monkey Platinum Inversion Boots

  • Double action locking mechanism with inbuilt lever-and-loop locks for extra safety.
  • Thick contoured support pads for superior fit and comfort.
  • Black with a hammertone finish.

  • Comfortable fit for people with both thin as well as thick legs.
  • Can be easily assembled and also mounted effortlessly.


  • Quite bulky and heavy and may not be suitable for people with weak muscles.

5. Tonyko Inversion Gravity Boots – The Most Affordable Gravity Boots

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These gravity boots are extremely hassle-free and convenient to use. They can help you in your routine workouts as well as inversion therapy exercises. The “Tonyko Inversion Gravity Boots” has a contoured design that offers enhanced comfort and durability. The boots have comfortable pads at the back for greater support and the grip on the calf is extremely strong.

The outer shell of the boots is very flexible and allows easy movement and the foam lining provides superior support. The locks on the boots are very easy to install. The Tonyko Inversion Gravity Boots are extremely versatile and allow you to do a wide range of exercises. The boots can help to improve any cervical and cardiovascular problems you may have.

If you are on a budget and still looking for gravity boots with good features, then the Tonyko Inversion Gravity Boots is an ideal buy for you.

Features of the Tonyko Inversion Gravity Boots

  • High-density soft NBR foam pad.
  • Equipped with double easy-install locks and stainless-steel hooks.
  • 100%-satisfaction guarantee.

  • The boots are extremely versatile allowing you to do a wide range of exercises.
  • Can help to reduce the risk of several diseases.
  • The stainless-steel hooks and double easy-to-install locks provide superior safety.
  • The high-density foam pad protects your ankles and legs.
  • One size fits most.


  • Some reviewers report that these boots are uncomfortable and cause ankle pain.
  • In a few cases, the boots hinges broke off.

Choosing your gravity inversion boots is an important consideration and you should evaluate the various factors carefully, before making a final choice. You should be especially cautious about the kind of boots you buy if you have back and leg problems and before you actually set out to buy your boots, do check with your doctor if inversion therapy is recommended for you.

What Is Inversion Therapy?

Inversion therapy is not a new concept and can be traced back to 400 BC to the times of Hippocrates. It is believed that inversion therapy has amazing effects on our body and health and the techniques of inversion have only evolved over the years.

Inversion therapy essentially is adopting the position where the head is lower than the heart. Inversion helps to reverse the hazardous effects of gravity and is believed to be one of the most effective treatments for back problems, joint problems, reducing mental stress, strengthening the immune system, improving the nervous system, preventing the process of aging, detoxification, etc.

In ancient times, people simply sat or lay down and got into an inverted position by lowering the head to the floor or by doing yoga poses involving headstands, handstands and shoulder stands. Today, modern technology has introduced several hi-tech ways of inversion therapy involving the use of inversion gravity boots, inversion tables, and inversion chairs.

Benefits of Inversion Therapy

It is believed that inversion therapy can be extremely effective and help in improving overall health. Some of the benefits of inversion therapy are:

  • Relieves back pain
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Enhances flexibility
  • Helps in digestion
  • Enhances immunity
  • Strengthens ligaments
  • Improves orientation and balance
  • Helps the body to stretch
  • Increases the flow of oxygen to the brain
  • Helps to relieve stress

Learn more about how practicing inversion therapy can be beneficial for you.

How to Choose Inversion Gravity Boots

Before buying gravity inversion boots, you should evaluate a few factors, on basis of which you should make your final purchase decision.


Ensure that you buy the right size of gravity boots. Most often, the boots are available in a size where one size fits most. However, if you are taller or have thick ankles or muscular legs, then you may need to buy boots that are extra-large. Make sure that the boots can support your weight.


When you are using gravity boots, safety is paramount. Select boots that are equipped with double buckles and there is a manual release safety buckle in the case of a failure. The safety buckles should be easy to wear and take off too.


An important factor to consider when buying gravity boots is the compatibility with the bars and how you will set it up. Some boots can be used only with the bars that are available from the same company. Other boots can be suspended on any chin-up bar. So, check this before you go ahead and buy your pair of boots.

Durability and Comfort

The gravity inversion boots you buy should be durable and lightweight. It should be comfortable even if you are using it for inversion therapy for long periods. Look for boots that have adequate padding inside and it is made of steel on the outside that makes it extremely sturdy and comfortable to wear.


You can choose the boots that suit your style and personal preference. Some boots provide grip only at the ankles, while other support the calf too, which are obviously a better choice.

Inversion Table vs Inversion Chair vs Inversion Gravity Boots

If you are considering inversion therapy, you should understand the basic differences between the most popular inversion devices i.e. inversion table, inversion chair and inversion boots. Each method has its pros and cons and you must choose the method that is best for you after evaluating the pros and cons, your individual fitness level and health condition.

Inversion Table

The inversion table allows you to lean back against a standing cot or table. You need to strap your ankles to the table and lean backward thereby shifting your weight. This results in the table to rotate you around the waist and turn you upside down. By shifting your weight again, you can return to the upright position. Some inversion tables allow you to be suspended using ankle cuffs.

Pros and Cons of Inversion Tables


  • You can get 100% inversion
  • Can be used easily by most people
  • Quite comfortable


  • Expensive
  • Hard on the knees and ankles
  • Difficult to store

Check out our buyer’s guide to choosing the best inversion tables.

Inversion Chair

An inversion chair allows you to sit down while being inverted. You are secured to the chair across the feet and thighs with straps. When you lean back, the chair slowly turns upside down. There is no need to wear inversion boots when using an inversion chair. The inversion chair is easier to rotate as compared to the inversion table since your body is slightly curled up in the chair.

Pros and Cons of Inversion Chair


  • Easy and safe to use alone
  • Most comfortable
  • Can be used even by older people
  • Not much strain on the hip, ankles, and knees


  • Only 70% inversion possible
  • Most expensive option
  • Difficult to exercise in
  • Very difficult to store

Inversion Gravity Boots

These boots are used for inversion by attaching your ankles to the boots and then being suspended over a bar. You can use a chin-up bar or fix one to a door frame or use any other sturdy pipe to hook up the boots.

Pros and Cons of Gravity Boots


  • 100% inversion
  • Least expensive
  • Occupies the least space
  • Most flexible in terms of exercising


  • Requires you to have a pull-up bar
  • You must be extremely fit
  • Frame must be permanently fixed
  • Hard on the knees and ankles

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