Best Inversion Table – Top 10 Reviews

Given its increasing popularity, everyone today wants an inversion table to try out inversion therapy for its therapeutic benefits in treating back pain and aiding in spinal decompression. This therapy has set the whole world talking about how it’s revolutionizing healthcare and fitness at home, which means that the demand for these products has greatly risen over the last few years. But if you’re among the percentage of the population that hasn’t heard of inversion therapy, don’t worry. We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about inversion tables and inversion therapy, covering the benefits of the practice and our top ten product picks to let you make a fair decision!ion!

The practice of inverting the body as a way of keeping you healthy and fit has been around for centuries. (Just think of Yoga and the various headstands and inversions postures it includes.) Inverting the body counteracts the effects of gravity and many studies show that your body can enjoy various benefits by placing your feet at a level higher than your head, especially for the literal backbone of all life that holds you up: your spine!

In a nutshell, inversion therapy is believed to lengthen the spine, reduce muscle pain and spasms, relieve the compression of the spinal cord (everyday activities lead to spinal compression), and relieve other spinal conditions such as spinal degeneration, disc herniations, and spinal stenosis. The best part? With an inversion table, you don’t need to leave the sacred havens that the four walls of your home encompass to try inversion therapy, a fact that should have you celebrating if you’re a “homebody” like us!

Inversion Table Reviews & Comparison

To make things easier for you, we’ve put together our list of top ten inversion tables, ranked from first to last. We’re sure there’s a little something here for everyone, without compromising on the product’s quality, security and effectiveness!

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1. Ironman Gravity 4000 – Editor’s Top Pick

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The “Ironman Gravity 4000” is our top pick based on its features, price, and superior quality. An offering from the house of the super reliable and popular fitness brand, Ironman Fitness, the Ironman Gravity 4000 is made of the finest steel, PVC and foam, lending to its durability and stability. The legs are designed to be slip-resistant for grounding on the floor, as well as memory foam that molds to the user’s body. Easy to use, highly comfortable, and capable of supporting up to 350 pounds of body weight, it isn’t hard to see why this product is the leader on our list!

Key Features

  • High-quality material
  • Sturdy construction that is effective in reducing back stress and stimulating circulation
  • Removable lumbar pillow for additional support and area-specific pain relief
  • Tubular steel frame
  • Backrest of memory-foam nylon
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Patented “Palm Activated” adjusting ratchet ankle locking system that allows inversion up to 180 degrees
  • Ergonomically designed ankle cushions
  • Easy storage due to folding facility
  • Supports up to 350 pounds of weight
  • Equipment weight: 76 pounds
  • Measurements: 49 x 26 x 65 inches
  • Limited warranty of 1 year

  • The product gives you great value for its price, given its stability, durability, and superior quality. This also indicates that the product is well-tested and has a good reputation.
  • The product can be easily assembled, with clear and easy-to-understand instructions.
  • The product is among the top-rated inversion tables for its ability to effectively relieve back pain, whether it is sciatica, scoliosis, disc herniation or other back complications.
  • The product has great reviews and testimonies from a large number of customers, acting as a testament to its popularity.
  • Has received “Amazon’s Choice” and is rated a remarkable 4.7 out of 5 with over 3,000 reviews!


  • There have been a few instances when the product either fell apart or got damaged after only a short period of usage. While this is probably more a manufacturing defect rather than a problem of the brand’s quality, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, ensure that you check the product’s sturdiness after its assembly and before you use it.
  • At 76 pounds, this product is above average weight in our comparison. At this weight, it is harder to move around than more lightweight tables.
  • The product’s packaging was less than impressive for a lot of customers, with reports of damaged boxes and even the possibility of a damaged product as a result.

2. Teeter EP-560 Inversion Table – Runner Up

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With unmatched comfort and support, the “Teeter EP-560” may be on the pricey side but is well worth the investment! With patented technology to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency, this product is made for comfort, support and reliability. The product also has several facilities to accommodate accessories such as acupressure nodes. It even has an advanced lumbar bridge for advanced spinal decompression and also facilitates a full inversion as well as preset angles.

Key Features

  • Superior comfort and support due to patented wrap-around ankle cups made of specialty foam
  • Contoured bed with hand grips
  • Precision rotation for total control that facilitates shifting of body weight with simple arm movements
  • High-quality materials used in construction, such as heavy-gauge steel parts, auto-locking hinges, cam locks, and specialized pivot bearings for durability
  • Folding facility for easy storage
  • 5-year warranty
  • Easy assembly
  • Supports weight of up to 300 pounds and heights from 4’8’’ to 6’6’’
  • FDA-cleared and UL-certified
  • Product Weight: 58.2 pounds
  • Measurements: 48.5 x 30 x 8.9 inches

  • The effectiveness of the product is such that it can give you almost immediate relief from back pain, whether in the lower back or hips.
  • The product is compact, with easy folding facilities that allow for compact storage.
  • The product is designed to facilitate extra accessories which is beneficial for target-specific relief or massage emulation.
  • Teeter EP-560 is the only FDA-cleared inversion table indicated for back pain, muscle tension and spasm, herniated disc, sciatica, spinal stenosis, facet syndrome and more.
  • Optional accupressure nodes and back pain relief kit available.


  • The product is a bit above average pricing, but you get high quality product.
  • Though the inversion table resulted in a nice spinal and full-body stretch, some customers complained it did not result in the deep lasting pain relief. Perhaps those people should have tested it for longer.

3. Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table – With Built-in Heater

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This fancy inversion table is built with a durable tubular steel frame and standard “Ironman” scratch-resistant powder-coated finish, but what sets it apart is the built-in heater with Carbon Fiber “FIR” (Far Infrared Rays) technology in the backrest that soothes your back during inversion. This heat delivers health and therapeutic benefits to your back, similar to the effects of heating pads, hot stones, hot towels and pain relief gels but without the discomfort and unhealthy electromagnetic concerns. This heat is also said to increase blood circulation, body energy, decrease stress levels, relax the muscles and help in the quick healing of sprains and strains.

Apart from the heating technology, the inversion table comes with extra-long safety hands for easy inversion and vinyl safety covers, as well as ergonomically designed ankle holders for comfort and security.

Key Features

  • Built-in heating technology with ultra-thin carbon fiber heating elements in the backrest
  • More effective than normal inversion tables in helping heal back pain
  • Inverts to 180 degrees
  • Supports a weight of 350 pounds
  • Height adjustment up to 6’6’’
  • Extra-long safety handles that are foam covered
  • Ratchet ankle locking system
  • Mesh pocket for the included remote control
  • Slip-resistant floor stabilizers
  • Easily storable due to its folding capacity
  • LED display control of heat therapy
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Product Weight: 75 pounds
  • Measurements: 49 x 26 x 65 inches

  • The FIR heating technology is a huge “pro” in this particular product. It’s pure soothing heat minus discomfort and worries about electromagnetic waves.
  • Highly sturdy, durable and adjustable.
  • An included remote control for easy handling.
  • Great value for its price.


  • This product weighs a whopping 75 pounds, making it hard to transport, hard to conceal and better suited for the gym or large areas, rather than the average house’s living room.
  • Some customers have voiced concerns that the heating technology is sometimes faulty and has a very short lifespan.
  • Some customers also received damaged parts in their deliveries (which can be replaced under the one-year warranty you get with the product).

4. Innova ITX9600 Heavy-Duty Deluxe – Most Affordable Option

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The “Innova ITX9600” is a sleek, smart and heavy-duty inversion table with a whole range of features that set it a league apart from other products in the category. The product has a large backrest pad, soft foam handlebars and easy inversion. To add to its impressive list of features, the inversion machine also has a “True Balance System” that lets each user find their own unique center of gravity and a “Five Angle Pin System” that allows for easy usage and convenience.

Key Features

  • True Balance System that features three adjustable features to let each user customize their inversion experience by adjusting the headrest pad, the height, and the foot
  • 5-Angle Pin System with a protective cover that allows for easy inversion, comfort, and consistency each time
  • Backrest pad
  • Ergonomically designed ankle holding system
  • Soft-touch foam handlebars
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Assembly required
  • Can support body weight up to 300 pounds
  • Supports a range of different heights (from 4’10’’ to 6’6’’)
  • Easy storage due to a slim design
  • Product Weight: 52 pounds
  • Measurements: 46 x 28 x 63 inches

  • The product is relatively inexpensive, leading to some major savings! Though the inexpensive price may raise a few eyebrows, the number of customers singing the product’s praises and the detailed information from the manufacturer about its construction and features lays to rest any doubts about the product’s quality. So this essentially means a win-win situation!
  • An extremely sturdy inversion machine that supports a range of different body weights and heights.
    Though the product requires assembly, the instructions are clear, complete, and precise, allowing for easy assembly.
  • Unlike the “Gravity 4000”, the “Innova” comes with superb packaging with secure wrapping and specific tools required for the product’s assembly.


  • Uncomfortable for feet and ankles, especially beyond a 40-degree inversion.
  • Many customers received defective products, indicating a quality control problem.
  • Several customers also reported missing parts in their package, such as bolts and screws without which the table could not be used.

5. Exerpeutic Inversion Table

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The “Exerpeutic Inversion Table” is great value for money, with quality construction and effectiveness in its results. With full-loop handlebars, a safety strap to facilitate secure inversion and a strong, thick frame with comfort foam covering, this inversion table is the perfect combination of safety, relaxation and results. With an easy-to-use pin ankle locking system, the Exerpeutic Inversion Table is lightweight and easy to store but doesn’t compromise on its functionality (capable of holding up to 300 pounds of body weight).

Key Features

  • Height-adjustable table (from 4’10’’ to 6’6’’)
  • Soft foam padded backrest
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Supports up to 300 pounds
  • Extra long safety handlebars and adjustable tether straps for safety and ease-of-use
  • Foam rollers and ankle cushions that can support ankles comfortably
  • Easy pull pin release
  • Sturdy construction
  • Facilitates 180-degree inversion
  • Foldable
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Product Weight: 55 pounds
  • Measurements: 50 x 25.5 x 56 inches

  • Great bang for your buck.
  • Padded and comfortable, with uniform padding for the whole length of the torso and the head as opposed
  • to nylon or flat backing that some inversion machines use.
  • Highly effective in relieving back pain.


  • Uncomfortable ankle grips that result in more-than-average foot and ankle pain.
  • Though the table claims to invert to 180 degrees, some customers have complained that their tables did not fully invert.
  • Many customers have complained about the less-than-satisfactory packaging and resulting damage to many parts. Some customers even received rusty parts and no instructions for assembly.

6. Ironman Gravity 1000

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Another offering from the famed Ironman brand, the “Gravity 1000” inversion table is a sturdy construction of a durable tubular steel frame, scratch-resistant powder coated finish, slip-resistant floor stabilizers, and a comfortable nylon backrest. With a capability to support up to 300 pounds and an adjustable height of up to 6’6’’, the product is specifically designed to increase blood flow and prevent aging through anti-gravity simulation. It also has several preset options for inversion and though it is much lighter, it doesn’t compromise on its sturdiness or stability. With its many features and great value for money, it’s no surprise that this inversion table is another bestseller from the brand!

Key Features

  • Durable tubular steel frame
  • Scratch-resistant powder coated finish
  • Slip-resistant floor stabilizers for stability while inverting
  • Extra-long safety handles
  • Vinyl safety covers for extra safety
  • Tough, durable, yet comfortable nylon backrest
  • Ergonomically designed ankle holders for comfort and security
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Can support up to 300 pounds of weight
  • Adjustable up to 6’6’’
  • Product Weight: 46 pounds
  • Measurements: 25 x 62 x 49 inches
  • 1-year limited warranty

  • Shown to relieve sciatica issues very effectively, thus saving on trips to the chiropractor or expenditure on scans and surgeries.
  • The table facilitates full inversion with a full range of motion.
  • Foldable for easy storage.


  • Handling the table may be a little hard once it is assembled due to its weight post-assembly. This also makes it hard to move and store.
  • Due to its bulky nature, the assembly can be a hassle. Additionally, the instructions for assembly were either printed incorrectly or missing from the booklet.
  • The product is subject to quick wear and tear, such as rips and tears on the table and in the nylon backing.

7. Ironman LX300

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With the fourth offering from Ironman featuring on our list, it’s no doubt that the brand is an industry leader. The “LX300” can support a maximum of 275 pounds, is foldable, easily storable, and weighs a mere 55 pounds, making it lightweight yet sturdy. With full-pin ankle closures and a steel frame for sturdiness, this inversion table is believed to be excellent for stress and back pain relief, all at an extremely reasonable price.

Key Features

  • Foam vinyl covered backrest for added comfort
  • Combined foam roller and ankle cushions for safe securing of the ankles
  • Extra-long safety handles
  • Supports up to 275 pounds
  • Heavy-duty 1.5-inch square steel frame
  • Easy pull-pin release system for ankle holders
  • Accommodates user heights from 4’10’’ to 6’6’’
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Product Weight: 55 pounds
  • Measurements: 57 x 27 x 46.4 inches

  • The table’s padding and sturdiness make it comfortable without compromising on its quality, safety and durability.
  • Helps effectively remove back pain
  • This product is relatively inexpensive at around $120 but doesn’t compromise on its quality.


  • The inversion table is on the bulkier side, making it hard to move and conceal without folding when not in use.
  • Uncomfortable pain in the ankles and feet, while some customers have also reported defective ankle straps which could lead to falls and injuries

8. Invertio Inversion Table Back Stretching Machine

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This inversion table is perfect for your living room or personal gym room at home, providing great relief from back pain by combining high-quality construction and comfort. With a strong tubular steel construction and sturdy, steady support, the table also features slip-resistant, secure feet that keep the product stable as well as protect your floors. Equipped with supportive foam padding on the headrest, backrest, and ankle supports with easy-grip handles for comfort, the product is also adjustable as per your height (5’1’’ to 6’6’’) and an easily adjustable inversion angle as per your comfort.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty construction of tubular steel for strength and stability
  • Non-rocking inversion table that can support up to 300 pounds
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Non-skid feet that protect your floor
  • Adjustable as per your height and inversion needs
  • Highly comfortable due to contoured foam pad backrest, headrest and ankle straps
  • 8-position adjustability in ankle supports for easy locking and adjustment
  • Extra-long padded handrails (34 inches) for full inversion without hassles
  • Easy and minor assembly required; easy-to-understand instruction manual and quick-start toolset included
  • Shipping Weight: 57.2 pounds
  • Measurements: 51 x 28 x 59.5 inches

  • Great value for its price
  • Easy assembly
  • Effective in decompression and relieving migraines


  • Mixed opinions on the instruction manual, with some users claiming the instructions were too general.
  • Some customers received defective pieces on delivery.
  • Many customers complained about the cheap quality of the product, indicating that maybe the price paid for the product was indicative of its quality. Many screws came off, the feet of the table broke off easily, and many plastic parts broke quickly.

9. Innova ITM4800 – Advanced Heat and Massage Therapeutic Inversion Table

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This inversion table features an isolated heat and vibration therapeutic massage system that leads to quicker relief from all your aches and pain. With an adjustable lumbar pad and multimode massage settings, this machine is the perfect combination of functionality and indulgence! The inversion table also features a 5-position adjustable pin system, patented “Pending Protective Cover” for easy positioning and safer inversion and an adjustable headrest pad with a large foam comfort-backrest pad. The table is adjustable for users between 4’10’’ to 6’6’’ and can support up to 300 pounds of weight.

Key Features

  • Isolated heat and vibration therapeutic massage system
  • Adjustable lumbar pad for targeted relief
  • 5-position adjustable pin system with added patent “Pending Protective Cover” for easy and safer positioning
  • Adjustable headrest pad and foam-comfort backrest pad
  • Accommodates users up to 300 pounds and between 4’10’’ to 6’6’’
  • Multimode massage setting with auto and manual selection
  • True Balance System for easy inversion
  • Ergonomically designed ankle-holding system
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Assembly required
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Product Weight: 57 pounds
  • Measurements: 46 x 28 x 63 inches

  • Easy assembly
  • Retains the signature “True Balance System” and “Pending Protective Cover”
  • Adjustable for different heights
  • Isolated heat and vibration massage system for targeted relief


  • Some customers have complained about unclear instructions in the manual during assembly.
  • Some customers have also complained about slipping in the ankle holders and subsequent uneven weight distribution.

10. Gracelove Heavy-Duty Deluxe Inversion Therapy Table

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The “Gracelove Heavy-Duty Inversion Table” is a durable design constructed of a heavy-duty steel frame, a 3-position roller hinge and padded ankle clamps for controlled rotation. With an adjustability in the height range from 4’10’’ to 6’6’’, this inversion machine can relieve stress and pressure on your lower back, discs and nerve roots, while also increasing blood flow to your spine and improving your body’s flexibility and posture.

Key Features

  • Durable design of heavy-duty steel frame
  • Easy-to-clean, removable nylon pads
  • Easy inversion facilitated by a 3-position roller hinge
  • Comfortable, padded ankle clamps for controlled rotation
  • Adjustable table height
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Can support up to 300 pounds of weight
  • Product Weight: 50.7 pounds
  • Measurements: 19 x 43.5 x 46.5 inches

  • Lightweight
  • Effective in relieving back pain
  • Sturdy construction


  • Customers have stated that it is hard to assemble
  • Unsatisfactory value for its price according to some customers

The Benefits of Inversion Tables

Inversion therapy works on the principle that upside-down suspension stretches your spine and therefore, relieves back pain by de-compressing the space between the vertebrae, which eases any pressure off your spine. This makes the therapy especially useful for those with chronic lower back pain, poor blood circulation, scoliosis, and sciatica because it helps the spine in the following ways:

  • Removing spinal waste
  • Decreasing inflammation
  • Creating more protective spinal fluid to better protect the spinal discs
  • Increasing blood circulation to muscles around the spine

Therefore, inversion therapy plays a huge role in the following:

Back Pain

Studies show that practicing inversion therapy at an angle of 60 degrees reduced back pain as well as improved torso flexibility and strength when practiced for a period of eight weeks.

Spinal Health

Though we’ve more or less talked about this already, inversion therapy improves the space between your spinal discs (decompressing them), which helps to relieve the pressure on these discs. Everyday activities like walking, running, bending, and even sitting, pressurize your spinal discs, and too much pressure can increase back pain and lead to other complications like a collapsed vertebra.

Increased Flexibility

Inversion therapy can help increase your flexibility by increasing your upper body strength. It can also improve your posture.

Reduced Need for Surgery

In case you already suffer from back issues, inversion tables and therapy can reduce the need for surgery due to the zero-gravity nature of the practice and its consequent effects on spine decompression. This can help prevent disability resulting from back problems and the need for spinal surgery.

Other Benefits

Inversion tables and therapy can also help in the following cases:

  • Joint Pressure Relief: Your joints may experience stress, especially after high impact workouts. Inversion can help stretch and elongate the muscles, which, in turn, helps relieve muscle pain. It is also believed that inversion can help correct minor misalignments caused by sports activity that place more stress on one side of your body, such as tennis, badminton, or golf.
  • Lymph System: Inversion can help flush out waste from your lymphatic system since lymphatic waste travels in one direction which enables inversion to clear out lactic acid and other wastes that could result in pain if left uncleaned. Additionally, this can help decongest organs by stimulating the lymphatic system to increase the flow of fluids and remove waste.
  • Maintain Height: Yes, you read that right! Human bodies shrink during the waking hours and get stretched back during sleep. However with age most people lose up to two inches of height due to spinal compression resulting from gravity. Inversion therapy can help reverse this process and maintain your height. Bear in mind, there is just anecdotal evidence of this and height-restoring benefits are not yet backed by substantial studies.

Check out this advertisement by Roger Teeter the creator of Teeter inversion tables and boots. He is 72 and looks good for his age, which is definitely a testament to benefits of inversion therapy:

Types of Inversion Devices and Techniques

If you want to try inversion therapy at home, there are many types of equipment available for you to pick from, such as:

  • Inversion Tables: Inversion tables help stretch your back out while you’re in an upside-down standing position. Some inversion tables also come with the option of letting you exercise while on the table, such as torso rotations and crunches. Depending on the brand, model, and the number of features, inversion tables can cost you anywhere from $100-400.
  • Inversion Chairs: Inversion chairs are similar to their cousins, the inversion tables. The difference is that inversion chairs, as the name suggests, make use of a seated position, as opposed to inversion tables where you are in a standing position. Depending on the brand and model, inversion chairs can cost you anywhere between $150-450.
  • Gravity/Inversion Boots: Inversion boots facilitate easier inversion. However, they are designed to be used along with inversion devices and cost $50-100 for a pair. Check out our buyer’s guide to choosing the best inversion gravity shoes.
  • Yoga: Certain poses in yoga (called “asanas”) such as shoulder stands, headstands, and handstands can have the same benefits as inversion therapy. However, being able to perform these poses as they are meant to be performed and staying in them till the effects are realized can take years of practice or the presence of an expert. Performing these poses without the adequate strength, control, and flexibility could lead to serious injury. Aerial yoga is also believed to be effective in inversion therapy. However, aerial yoga mandatorily requires a certified instructor and a specially designed studio space for practice.

Inversion Chairs vs Inversion Tables

Often, confusion arises when trying to decide whether you should pick an inversion chair or inversion table for your needs. Though consulting your doctor can help you make this decision, it is also important to know the differences between the two to help you understand why your doctor is recommending a particular product to you.

Let’s take a look at some of the differences between the two products:

Inversion Tables

Inversion tables came before inversion chairs and make use of an upside-down standing position for the inversion therapy. The device comes with straps and handles for support and is in the form of a table, which the user needs to rest their body on. The ankles are strapped to the device’s footrest and the body weight is eventually shifted backwards till an inverted position is reached. There are different degrees of inversion available, letting the user slowly build up the practice as per their comfort. The inversion table ensures that the weight rests on your feet, ankles and knees.

Inversion tables are highly effective in helping you relax body muscles, relieve pressure on joints, and heal body aches and pains. However, it can be a little stressful for those with arthritis in the ankles and knees or other complications of the two joints, and may even aggravate these conditions.

Inversion Chairs

Inversion chairs are a modification of inversion tables and came about due to the need for a less stressful method of inversion than the tables. The inversion chair uses a sitting position and a backrest, and the user straps themselves into the chair and leans back till an inverted position is reached. Some inversion chairs can even act as inversion tables, depending on the user’s comfort.

Inversion chairs are more suited for those with knee, ankle and back conditions, as it allows relaxation during the process of inversion. However, inversion chairs are only useful for back problems as only the back is stretched and the rest of the body is still in a seated position.

What to Look for In An Inversion Table

There are a lot of factors that influence your buying decision when it comes to inversion tables, such as the safety, brand value, best value for the price, size and features. We take a look at some of the factors you should keep in mind while picking out an inversion table for yourself:


Since inversion tables directly impact your health, it is of utmost importance to buy an inversion machine that promises safety. An FDA clearance is a sure indicator of how safe the machine is and that it promises to fulfill all the expectations you have of it when it comes to your health.

Product Comparison

Different brands and models of inversion tables offer different features. Additionally, there exist many premier brands, but just as many knock-offs. Therefore, a closer look is necessary to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the product. There should be no compromise on its quality and security for any reason. Generally, the price is a good indicator of good quality, along with FDA clearance. Cheap tables may be made with materials of inferior quality and may compromise on security.

An important feature that you should look for is the connecting part located between the frame and the bed, called the “roller hinge”. This hinge holds all your weight when inverted, which means that it should be made of the strongest material for equivalent quality. Look for roller hinges made of heat-treated steel of good quality that can withstand four times the maximum user weight and give you a minimum of at least 30,00o full rotation cycles. Anything less is definitely a risk and also explains why second-hand inversion tables are a bad idea.

The Features of the Product

As we said, different products come with different features that improve usability and benefits. Some of the features to look for are:

  • Additional handholds for advanced stretching and decompression.
  • Well-designed bed and frame.
  • An ankle system that is comfortable and easy to use.
  • Accommodation of any accessories.
  • Heat-treated steel roller hinges for efficient weight-bearing.
  • Auto-locking in the hinges to prevent the bed and base from separating accidentally during stretching.

Easy Usage

The balance provided by the inversion table is an indicator of its ease of use as this ensures complete control of the rotation during inversion. The inversion table should allow you to shift your body weight easily with only simple arm movements to control the angle and rotation.

Easy to Assemble

Pre-assembled inversion tables save you a world of pain and time. Look for one with easy assembly or at the very least, third-party support for assembly (many dealers offer this facility). Additionally, many applications such as BILT can also help you assemble your inversion table, with easy-to-follow 3D instructions.


Warranty forms an important part of any product. It is an indicator that the brand cares about the customer as well as their confidence in their product. Short warranties are an indicator of just the opposite; therefore, look for products with at least 5 years of warranty unless the brand is really trusted and experienced.

Apart from these factors, also look for testimonials or customer reviews, as they indicate the popularity of the brand and its product. Third-party certifications are also a great sign of the brand’s experience and quality. Additionally, look for a product that fits your space requirements and is convenient to use.

In Conclusion

By now, you’ve probably understood just how good the benefits of inversion therapy can be and probably want to get yourself an inversion table because we surely want one! We definitely recommend the Ironman Gravity 4000 as our top pick, followed closely by the Teeter EP-560 and Ironman IFT 4000. Just remember, though, to always seek your doctor’s advice before you make a heavy investment in an inversion table, as you may need to customize your inversion angles as per your body, and inversion may not be good for everyone. People with heart or circulatory conditions should definitely check with their doctors before trying inversion therapy. The amount of stress and pressure that inversion places on the circulatory and skeletal system may not be comfortable for everyone.

Also, put in the required research to ensure the inversion table that you’ve got your heart set on can indeed fulfill all your expectations. And make sure you start slow if you do decide to try inversion therapy, starting at 15 degrees for no more than 5 minutes at a time. You can then gradually work your way up to longer durations. Doing so will definitely result in a better practice of inversion therapy.

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