Best Lawn Mower for 3 Acres

While a push lawn mower is a good tool to maintain an average lawn, it is not sufficient for larger properties. Thus if you are looking for the best lawn mower for 3 acres you need to consider riding mowers or trail mowers to get the job done with ease. They differ in operation: to use a trail mower, you need to already have a tractor, while a riding mower is like a small tractor, so you do not need anything else.

Reviews of the Best Lawnmowers for 3-5 Acres

To help you find the best lawn mower for 3 to 5 acres worth of grass to cut, here are our top picks:

ModelEngineCutting WidthWeightPrice
1. Troy-Bilt 382cc382cc Auto Choke OHV30"336 lbsCheck Price
2. Husqvarna YTA24V4824 HP Briggs and Stratton Intek48"670 lbsCheck Price
3. Swisher FC14560BS14.5 HP Briggs & Stratton PowerBuilt Engine60"371 lbsCheck Price
4. Husqvarna MZ6127 HP Briggs and Stratton Endurance V-Twin engine61"770 lbsCheck Price
5. Ariens 915223726cc Kawasaki FR V-Twin Engine52"871 lbsCheck Price

Our top 5 picks are based on research and customer satisfaction reviews. Here’s a more in-depth and unbiased review for each lawn mower listed above.

1. Troy-Bilt 382cc Riding Lawn Mower

This riding lawn mower by Troy-Bilt has a powerful 6-speed transmission with 382cc auto-choke OHV engine and a speed of up to 4.25 mph which is ideal for cutting grass in large-acre flatlands. It has a cutting width of 30” and is very easy to store in your tool sheds because of its compact design. It will also allow you to move around shrubs and flower beds without any problems because of its 18” turning radius.

If it’s your first time to try a riding lawn mower and you’re on a budget, this would be your best pick, especially if you’ve used push lawn mowers in the past. It offers all the benefits of riding model with the size of a walk-behind mower.

You will not have a problem to start the mower and engage its blades because of its manual power take-off and its 5-height adjustable blade system. It has a fuel tank capacity of 1.3 gallons and you can easily look at its gas levels because of the mower’s fuel sight window. The steering wheel has a soft grip measuring 13” and its seat raises to mid-back for comfortability. With its appearance, you might think that it’s not a heavy-duty lawn mower but it’s very durable and compact. It has a 2-year limited warranty with a lot of coverage to maintain its durability.


  • 5-height cutting systems
  • Affordable
  • Has a powerful engine
  • Durable and compact
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Easy to store in sheds


  • The cutting deck is not that wide

What Others Are Saying

Amazon’s 5-star ratings for Troy-Bilt 382cc riding lawn mower reached 56%, with customer reviews saying it’s a great lawn mower for an oversized yard and that it’s powerful for its small size. 10% of the reviews have 1-star ratings with most popular customer complaints about the machine not starting and that the steel blade broke after it was used a few times.

2. Husqvarna YTA24V48 Mower

Husqvarna YTA24V48 offers premium performance with quality results because of its 24 HP Briggs & Stratton Intek 2-cylinder engine and a FAST automatic transmission for maintenance-free operation. The pedal control of the transmission features a charge port, and electric clutch, and a choke-less start that allows you to start the machine with just a turn of a key.

It has a 48-inch reinforced 13-gauge steel cutting deck wherein an air induction mowing technology is included to draw the air from the top to the bottom of the deck, delivering a superior cut and improving grass lift. YTA24V48’s seat is adjustable and has an ergonomic steering wheel making it comfortable for you to mow the lawn comfortably.

An electric blade engagement system and a fender-mounted cutting height adjustment deck lever are also some of the features of this riding lawn mower. When it’s about consumer warranty, Husqvarna has different warranties for each part of the mower. There is a 3-year warranty for all parts, a 5-year warranty for the chassis/frame and front axle, and the cutting deck is warrantied for 10 years.


  • Heavy duty
  • There’s a complete list of accessories included when you buy one
  • Easy to operate because of its design


  • Not suited to use in wet grass

What Others Are Saying

The complaints or the negative reviews aren’t really about the machine, it’s about unfulfilled warranties, that is why the 1-star rating is a little higher. But when it comes to the machine itself, even though the Amazon 5-star rating is only 29%, it still shows that a lot of customers loved its performance.

3. Swisher FC14560BS Tow-Behind Mower

This tow-behind mower from Swisher can dramatically reduce the mowing time because it has three G6 gator commercial mulching blades powered by a 14.5- HP Briggs & Stratton PowerBuilt engine. It has an 11-gauge, 60-inch cutting deck with side discharge that can spread the grass out to avoid choking.

You can attach it to any utility vehicles such as lawn tractors and ATVs. This is ideal for any terrain and to cut large meadows and lawn faster since it’s attached to a vehicle. To improve stability, it has wide tires and built with heavy steel and you don’t always have to turn your tractor off just to examine the mower because it has a control for disengaging and engaging the operating blade. It also has a cutting height adjustment that can be set for up to 5.5”.

Other additional features for this mower are the safety tether kill switch, lock-out system, and three 5-inch diameter anti-scalp rollers for smooth travel. A 1-year warranty is offered by Swisher for this mower.


  • Great for wide lawns
  • Has an articulating hitch and a switch for blade operation
  • Also has safety bumpers for shrubs and trees


  • Grass can build up easily inside the belt compartment
  • The safety switch is located inside the belt compartment
  • The gas tank is small

What Others Are Saying

63% of the Amazon ratings for this mower 5 and 4 stars with great customer reviews saying Swisher is a time saver. There’s only one negative review for this mower and the customer complained that he had to repair multiple parts of the mower.

4. Husqvarna MZ61 Riding Mower

Husqvarna MZ61 has a zero-degree turning radius that allows the mower to rotate on its own and provides an easy-to-use machine. Its 27 hp Briggs and Stratton Endurance V-Twin engine with the hydrostatic transmission is powerful enough to cut the grass while driving as fast as 8.5 mph. The cutting blade is 61” with a 3-blade cutting system that provides precise cutting. You can also adjust the blade height right from the driver’s seat with its pedal-assisted cutting deck lift.

An ergonomic seat and steering wheel will give you comfortability and back support. You can easily see if your mower needs service, too, since it has an hour meter with service reminder to keep you updated. Addition to that, there’s a 9-bushel triple bag collection system that can be removed and installed easily. Warranty of 3 years is offered by Husqvarna for this machine.


  • Has a removable foot pan
  • Service points are easy to reach
  • Wide cutting width
  • Has a service reminder
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to maneuver


  • Prone to skid marks
  • No washout hose connector
  • No fuel indicator
  • May slide on downgrades that are steep

What Others Are Saying

Customers that are very satisfied with the performance of this mower are about 56% and they have rated the product with 5 stars in the Amazon ratings. Two customers complained about its low-quality control because of factory defects they’ve seen on the mower.

5. Ariens 915223 Mower

Just like Husqvarna MZ61, Ariens 915223 also features a zero-degree radius that is built with a 10-gauge steel frame and has a powerful 23hp Kawasaki FR V-TWIN engine. It has a cutting width of 52” and the blades are extended further from one side than the other to allow a neat cut right up to the blades’ edges.

For height selection, there’s also 4-point dual arm deck hanging system installed in the mower. For comfortability, a high-back padded seat with armrests is also included. It has a 3-year warranty offered by Ariens.


  • Easy to use
  • Zero-turning radius
  • Comfortable seat design


  • Not available in California
  • A mulching kit is not included but you can buy it separately
  • Not fuel-efficient
  • No grass bag included

What Others Are Saying

Amazon’s 5-star rating for this mower is 86% which proves that despite its disadvantages, customers who bought this machine are really happy with its performance. Only one customer complained about it, saying the mower only worked great for a couple of mows, but after that, it needed to be repaired.

Final Thoughts

Troy-Bilt 382cc riding mower would be a great pick, especially if you’re on a budget and you don’t have that much space for lawn mower storage. Other than that, it has the most reviews and a lot of customers are satisfied with the performance of this mower despite its small cutting width compared to other models in this round-up. If you can afford a more expensive lawn mower, you can opt for Husqvarna YTA24V48, because it has a great line of useful accessories included in the package. However, you might need to talk to the company about their warranty policies to ensure you don’t have any issues in the future.

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