Best Welding Helmet Under $100

Are you trying to find the best welding helmet under $100? Well, here’s good news. There are a lot of choices under $100 that offer superb features similar to those of the higher-priced models. Variable shade, adjustable sensitivity, quick response, and ergonomic design, find them all and more, as we take look at 5 viable options for welding helmets under the $100 price tag.

Whether you are a welding hobbyist or a professional craftsman, a good welding helmet will let you enjoy your craft, while ensuring your safety and protection. Protecting yourself means protecting your passion.

Each helmet offers a different range of protection. So, to choose the right welding helmet depends if you will be using a TIG welder, a MIG welder or a plasma cutter. We rounded up 5 best auto darkening welding helms that cost less than $100 yet offer great value for the money.

Reviews of the Best Cheap Welding Helmets Under $100

ModelWeight DimensionsView Area Price
1. Antra AH6-260-00001 lb9" x 9" x 12"3.86" x 1.73"Check Price
2. Instapack ADF Series GX990T1.5 lbs13" x 9" x 9.5"3.94" x 3.86"Check Price
3. Miller 2512922 lbs11.1" x 10.2" x 9.4"3.75" x 1.38"Check Price
4. Tanox ADF-206S2 lbs8 x 9 x 123.86 x 1.73Check Price
5. Tacklife PAH04D1 lb11.9" x 10.1" x 7.9" 3.86" x 1.69"Check Price

1. Antra AH6-260-0000

Antra AH6-260-0000 helmet packs in the great features that you need at an affordable price. Use it for grinding, cutting, TIG, MIG, and plasma applications, the AH6-260-0000 delivers versatile function as well as design ergonomics for comfortable use. It has fully automatic ON/OFF so you don’t have to worry about consuming the batteries during idle time. And not to mention, this helmet is solar-powered aside from its 2 CR2032 batteries. The sensitivity is fully adjustable and the reaction time is superb at 1/25,000 of a second.

Antra prides itself with AH6-260-0000’s wide range of variable shade protection, unique at this price range. This Antra helmet comes with 6 pieces of the outer lens and 1 extra inner lens.


  • Extremely responsive to electric arc from TIG, MMA, or plasma4 premium sensors
  • Interference Suppression technology – avoids false triggering due to strong sunlight and other interferences
  • Versatile use – cutting, grinding, welding and plasma cutting
  • Cheater lens, magnifier lens compatible
  • Option for hard hat adapter
    Value for its price tag


  • Poorly-designed pivot, helmet sweeps down
  • The adjustment dial lacks sturdy positioning and can spin to different levels in mid-operation

2. Instapack ADF Series GX990T

The Instapack GX990T welding helmet offers you the largest viewing area among the pack. Its 3.94 x 3.86-inch field of view allows you to achieve great results by keeping track of your progress portion by portion and inch by inch. This solar-powered helmet has 4 arc sensors, so auto darkening function will not really be an issue. The controls are conveniently located outside so you can do all necessary adjustments without taking off the helmet. The GX990T is made from lightweight and durable materials, and this Instapack model offers a padded interior for your protection and better comfort.


  • Full view – widest viewing area
  • Reliable auto darkening function
  • Quick reaction time – 1/30,000 of a second from light to dark; 0.1-1 second from dark to light
  • Suitable for Stick, MIG, TIG, and arc weld
  • Ratcheting headband for precise positioning
  • Padded interior for protection and comfort


  • External controls are too small
  • Controls won’t lock-up in position
  • Low sensitivity to low amperage TIG welding

3. Miller 251292

This Miller Electric 251292 welding helmet is quite a favorite among hobbyists as well as with the more serious enthusiasts. The ergonomics are great, it’s lightweight and its soft headband allows you to use it with great comfort even for longer periods of time. If you work on some fabrication projects in your garage or use it for some serious work, the 251292 helmet will surely meet your expectations. Its quick auto-darkening response time protects your eyes from unwanted flashes that affect your vision and gives you headaches. This helmet operates on solar power and 2 AAA batteries. Its automatic ON/OFF feature saves you the trouble of remembering to hit that power switch, thereby prolonging your battery’s life.


  • Fully adjustable fit
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Padded headband to enhance protection
  • Auto-darkening function
  • Solar and AAA battery operated


  • Small viewing area
  • Response is slower compared to some lower-priced models

4. Tanox ADF-206S

This welding helmet by Tanox protects you as you do Arc, TIG, MIG, MMA, and even plasma applications. The ADF-206S is solar powered and is capable of delivering a quick response time of 1/25,000 of a second. Unlike similar-priced models, this Tanox helmet features a test switch and a low battery indicator to minimize or avoid operation downtime. It has an optical class rating of 1/1/1/2, allowing it to protect you from UV/IR radiation in cases of electrical failure. This low-priced welding helmet comes with an extra set of the lens cover and a pair of Kevlar welding gloves that are long enough to protect your arms from splatters or burns.


  • Quick auto darkening response
  • Padded headband for comfort and protection
  • Test switch and low battery indicator
  • Comes with 16 in. Kevlar gloves for arm protection


  • Durability issues
  • Inferior headgear functionalities
  • Face is far from the lens
  • Battery compartment is not well-made

5. Tacklife PAH04D

How about finding the functionalities of higher-priced models on a welding helmet that’s less than a third of the price? The Tacklife PAH04D offers a versatile full shade range of ¾-8/9-13. Its optical clarity rating is a perfect 1/1/1/1, allowing you to see clearly from different angles. It features a fast response of 1/25,000 of a second and a superb DIN16 UV/IR protection. This Tacklife model is equipped with 4 arc sensors for greater sensitivity and a fully-automatic ON/OFF function for convenient use. The PAH04D is cheater lens and magnifying lens compatible. On top of it all, this helmet is made with high impact Polyamide Nylon, a corrosion resistant and fire retardant material.


  • Adjustable sensitivity and delay
  • Affordable option
  • Quick response time
  • Controls outside helmet are easy to reach
  • Superior UV/IR protection
  • Superior optical clarity


  • Poor battery compartment design
  • Welding filter lens is smaller than the standard dimension
  • Top adjustment latch catches the visor, preventing a full upward swivel

Our Top 2 Choices

The Antra AH6-260-0000 lands at the top spot with superior functionalities and ergonomic features. Its sensitivity to an electric arc from TIG, MMA, or plasma, rivals that of higher priced models. Its unique interference suppression technology truly stands out among the best welding helmets below the $100 price tag. This model’s versatility in cutting, grinding, welding, and plasma applications make it a good choice among other variants within the same price range.

Another viable option is the Instapack ADF Series GX990T. It leads the pack in having the widest viewing area and it boasts of having the fastest light to dark reaction time. Its ratcheting headband ensures that you can wear it exactly in the best position or orientation. But while this helmet’s external controls are conveniently located outside, their size comes in as a challenge. They won’t lock-up in your desired position, causing improper settings that can lead to user discomfort and poor quality of results.

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