Echo CS-590 Review: The Intelligent Saw

Released in 2013 by Echo, a leading developer and manufacturer of professional power equipment in the world, the Echo CS-590 is yet another feather in the company’s already fuzzy hat! Ideal for both commercial uses as well as residential uses, the CS-590 won the “Dealer’s Choice Award” awarded by the Power Equipment Trade magazine, winning due to its popularity among 1000-plus lawn and garden equipment dealers.

Dependable, reliable, well-made and worth the investment, the Echo CS-590 has won as many hearts as awards. Due to an increasing number of homemakers learning to decrease their dependence on professionals and increase the power tools they have, instead, the CS-590 is gaining widespread popularity for all the right reasons. Today, we give you a complete review of Echo’s CS-590 and whether it truly stands up to the hype that surrounds it!

Features and Design of the CS-590

If the CS-590 is such a hot sell, it’s obviously because it has some pretty awesome features that satisfy customers, and then some! The features of the product are as follows:

  • Equipped with a professional-grade 59.8 cc, 2-stroke engine.
  • Clutch-driven oiler that results in lesser oil consumption (also automatic and adjustable).
  • The product is available in bar lengths of 18 inches and 20 inches.
  • Decompression valve.
  • Equipped with the company’s trademark “G-Force Air Pre-Cleaner” for easier filter maintenance.
  • The filter itself is an easy-access, heavy-duty two-piece air filter which results in easier cleaning.
  • A translucent fuel tank (with a capacity of 21.8 fluid ounces) that allows users to easily check fuel levels.
  • Oil Capacity: 10.1 fluid ounces.
  • Dry Weight (Without Bar and Chain): 13.3 pounds.
  • 1-year commercial warranty and 5-year consumer warranty.
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Designed with the main focus of satisfying every aspect of a customer’s needs, the CS-590 comes with no unnecessary frills or features that are counterproductive or detrimental to the product itself. Though no feature is a stand-out in comparison to other similar products, unlike most other products, no feature is an unnecessary addition either. For example, the easy-access filter that you can access by simply unscrewing a single, affixed nut. This feature lets you clean the filter easily, as well as not lose the nut because it’s affixed. Which, let’s face it, is a stroke of genius, given how easy small parts are to lose! Another example is the replacement of nylon cords with plastic to keep the fuel and oil caps attached. Plastic is more durable than nylon, being immune to any fraying and cutting over time, unlike nylon.

Also, deserving mention is the product’s decompression valve. Though the CS-590 comes without an electric start button (which means you have to pull on a cord to get it running), the decompression valve ensures that you can get it up and running with just the first attempt. This is a godsend during the cold winter months and just even generally! Additionally, the metal bucking spikes on the tool give you stability as it can be hard to cut into things using a 20-inch bar. The spikes allow for better control by preventing the bar from slipping while in use.

Lastly, given that the product is such a beast, it’s highly important that it has safety features in place to protect users and prevent any accidents. Luckily, the CS-590 comes with several features that protect you, such as:

  • A chain that meets both the US and Canadian safety criteria with regard to kickbacks.
  • Reduced kickback bar and low kickback chain to reduce the chances and impact of kickback.
  • Automatic chain brake that is designed to stop the chain within a fraction of a second in the case of a severe kickback and if the hand-guard in front is pushed forward.
  • A chain catcher to protect the user’s hand in the event of the chain derailing or if the chain breaks while the tool is in use.
  • Hand-guards at the front and rear to shield your hands from any flying debris as well as in the event of contact with the cutting gear.
  • The metal bucking spikes that we mentioned earlier, which are fitted to the powerhead unit to provide stability and control.
  • A lockout switch that requires depression for the throttle trigger to work.
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  • Highly powerful
  • Highly durable
  • Plenty of excellent safety features
  • Lightweight for such a powerful saw
  • Flexible blade sizes
  • An oiler that is automatic and adjustable
  • Excellent cutting ability, quality, and performance
  • Easy replacement of broken parts


  • Doesn’t come with a carry case.
  • Can seem to be on the expensive side, especially in relation to other similar products.
  • As per some consumer reviews, there is a balance between the provided features and the price, resulting in a feeling of “less value for money”.

The Verdict

Though the Echo CS-590 may not be a stand-out product with truly exceptional features, it is no tool to be taken lightly either. It is a product you should definitely consider for its intelligent features and obvious attention to tiny details that most other commercial saws miss out on. Simple, functional and effective, the CS-590 is great to use. Though you may initially feel like it is a little pricey, it can end up giving you great value for money when you consider its features. Ultimately, this saw is for you if you’re looking for a premium-quality chainsaw that delivers on performance that you need for regular or heavy duty cutting tasks. Also, to be able to use this saw effectively, you’ll need to have some experience with power saws and be accustomed to using them.

However, this product, like any product, may not be for everyone. If the CS-590 is your first saw and you’re not accustomed to using slightly heavier equipment and also, you’re operating within a limited budget, you may want to think and then rethink your decision to go with this saw!

Having said that, the Echo CS-590 is indeed a beast and a great buying option that manages to thoroughly impress you with its intelligent design and focus on customer satisfaction.

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