EGO Trimmer Review

Having the perfect lawn can add so much aesthetic appeal to any space. Having the right tools can make all the difference in your effort to control your lawn and make it look more presentable. Today, the days of noisy, messy gas lawn trimmers are gone and we have fantastic options for high-quality cordless battery-operated string grass trimmers.

Cordless electric string trimmers have several benefits over corded and gas-operated trimmers. They are portable, lightweight, easy to maneuver and most importantly easy on the pocket. There is no messy handling of gas, mixing of fuel or carburetor cleaning required.

In-Depth Review of the Ego Power+ 15” 56V Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless String Trimmer

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In this article, we will be discussing the Ego Power Cordless String Trimmer along with its features, pros, and cons.

The Ego Power+ Cordless String Trimmer is a high-quality cordless string trimmer that offers power as well as convenience. The 56V lithium-ion battery and super-efficient brushless motor of this cordless weed eater provide unsurpassed power and it is also an excellent eco-friendly substitute for gas trimmers.

The Ego string trimmer is a maintenance-free and fumeless alternative to gas-powered models. It offers the same power as gas trimmers but without the hassles of starting problems, fuel mixing, etc. The dual 0.095 string and the brushless motor delivers excellent power that enables the trimmer to eat through tall grass and sturdy weeds effortlessly without any choking or stalling.

The string of the Ego Power+ Cordless String Trimmer is quite durable and long lasting and if required, can be replaced very easily. The trimmer advances the line by using a bump feed and the speed of the trimmer can be regulated as per your requirement by using the adjustable trigger.

The string trimmer is equipped with a 56V battery that works for a good 25-50 minutes depending on the speed and it can be used with other Ego Power+ tools too. The battery takes just around 30 minutes to recharge. The Ego weed eater is very easy to assemble and easy to use too. And, although the model is quite powerful, it is quite lightweight and quiet in operation. The machine is well-balanced and does not get uncomfortable or tiring to handle after a while.

The unit is equipped with an adjustable forward handle, which has a foam padding and can be adjusted at the shaft for a comfortable grip. The Ego string trimmer comes in 2 versions – split and straight shaft, which is only a cosmetic difference. The 49-inch shaft allows you to clear under bushes easily and also access difficult areas.

The string trimmer does not have an edger adjustment; however, you can overturn the unit upside down and use it the other way around without any hassle. Although the EGO Power+ Cordless String Trimmer is on the expensive side, it offers fantastic power, excellent battery runtime, and super-quick recharge. The EGO Power+ String Trimmer is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a string trimmer without all the noise and fumes.

Features of the EGO Power+ Cordless String Trimmer

  • Power Source: 56 volts 2.0 Ah battery
  • Cutting Swath: 15-inches
  • Head Style: Bump feed, dual line
  • Weight: 9.82 (25. Amp battery included)
  • Highly efficient variable speed brushless motor
  • Weather-resistant build
  • Trigger: Variable speed
  • Warranty: 5-year

Pros and Cons of the EGO Power+ Cordless String Trimmer


  • Excellent power.
  • Trimmer cuts a 15” swath, which is excellent when it comes to large sized yards.
  • Offers bump feed and variable speed.
  • Not too heavy and easy to handle.
  • Long battery runtime with fast recharge.
  • Weather resistant, allows use in any type of weather conditions, even in light rain.


  • The model does not have an indicator showing remaining battery charge. There is only a red light that begins to blink when the battery requires charging.
  • 49-inch long shaft of the trimmer may be bulky.
  • More expensive than gasoline counterparts.

Pros and Cons of Cordless String Trimmers

Cordless grass string trimmers are similar in terms of technicality to electric or gas trimmers. However, the main difference is that the cordless trimmer is operated by electricity and does not require a power cable to be plugged into a power source. These trimmers run on batteries that may be integrated or modular.


  • Cordless weed eaters are extremely convenient. The big plus is that they don’t require gas to run, which means no more trips to the gas station. Also, there is no need to mix the right percentage of oil and gas and most importantly, there are no hazardous emissions.
  • Cordless trimmers do not require regular cleaning or maintenance like the gas-powered models.
  • Another major advantage is that cordless trimmers are extremely portable and they are lightweight too. They are not restricted by an electric plug that must be connected to a power source and these weed eaters can be carried around anywhere you want.
  • Battery-powered cordless grass trimmers are not very noisy and don’t vibrate a lot when in operation.


  • The battery-operated grass trimmer might not be very powerful as compared to a gas-powered model unless you select a model that has a high voltage.
  • A battery powered grass trimmer only runs as long as there is charge in the battery. If the battery runs out, you will be required to charge the grass trimmer before using it again.
  • Cordless battery powered string trimmers are more expensive than regular gas-powered models. So, if you are on a budget, then this may be a cause for concern.

So, if you are looking to buying a weed eater for your lawn trimming, then you should ensure that you buy one that meets all your requirements. While a small cordless string trimmer may be sufficient for a smaller sized lawn, a larger and more powerful model may be required for a bigger lawn. So, having a clear idea of what you really require and taking into consideration your budget and the size of your lawn, among other things, will save you plenty of stress and expenses in the long run.

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