Gentron Generator Reviews

Portable generators have acquired a renewed importance in recent times, with the increase in power outages caused by several natural disasters due to worsening global climate change. With the waning of the reliability of the American grid system, coupled with the variables of the ability of the system, such as to withstand sudden electric short circuits or unexpected loss of system components, the need for a portable, easy-to-use backup source has grown many times over.

After all, the last thing you want the next time there’s a power cut is to be left sweating in the dark. In case the outage lasts for hours or — god forbid — days, we’re looking at the possibility of all your perishable food spoiling in the refrigerator, while you scavenge for your last granola bar. This is where Gentron generators can step in and help meet most of your portable power requirements!

ImageGenerator ReviewsMax Continuous Running WattsMax Starting Watts
Gentron 10,000-Watt Generator8,00010,000Check Price
Gentron 7,500-Watt Generator6,0007,500Check Price
Gentron 3500-Watt Generator3,0003,500Check Price

Where are Gentron Generators Made?

Gentron generators are engineered in the U.S. and manufactured in China by Jiang Dong, a large and well-established, small engine and generator manufacturer.

Gentron generators are distributed in North American markets by JD North America, a global manufacturer and distributor of outdoor power equipment; founded in 2005, it targets both large retailers as well as independent dealers. With a sprawling 6 million square feet of global manufacturing space in China, JD North America produces an array of products besides gas and propane generators, such as horizontal, vertical and snow engines, pressure washers, water pumps and other small engine equipment.

With its national headquarters located in Charlotte, North Carolina, their distribution warehouses are in North Carolina and Puerto Rico. Taking special pride in their independent research and development efforts, many of JD North America’s products bear the symbols of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) or Canadian Standards Association (CSA), a testament to their quality standards.

JD North America’s gasoline-powered products, such as the Gentron generators, as well as propane-powered products, meet Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and/or California Air Resource Board (CARB) requirements, with their product line covered by extensive service network and parts distribution.

Warranty and Quality of Gentron Generators

JD North America’s management, sales and customer service teams are dedicated to customer satisfaction, ensuring that customers always come first.

These promises are backed by service centers and repair facilities that will repair the products both during the manufacturer’s warranty, as well as after the expiry of the warranty, aiming to keep their products operating in reliable condition for many years.
We’ve helped you sift through the finer details, so you can power your needs without a hitch. Here are our reviews for three of Gentron generators that are as reliable as they are easy to use:

Reviews of Gentron Generators

Gentron 10,000-Watt Portable Gas Generator — The Real Value-for-Money Generator

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With a sturdy weight and construction, this gasoline-powered Gentron portable generator comes with a control panel and electric starter push button with recoil start system. Easy to assemble and setup, this one is popular for how easy it is to fire up and the sheer number of heavy appliances it can power.

Plus, it really gives you a good bang for your buck! If you’re still not sold, perhaps the CARB-compliant version of this product, with the same specifications, might tip the scales.

Features of Gentron 10,000-Watt Portable Gas Generator

  • Weight: 220 lbs
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Power Source: Gasoline-powered
  • Running Watts: 8,000 Watts
  • Peak Watts: 10,000 Watts
  • Starter Push Button (battery included) with recoil start system assembly
  • Control Panel

  • Easy and convenient assembly and setup.
  • The electric push button is less labor-intensive than the older pull-start system.
  • Requires less than five seconds to start up with the electric push button.
  • A source of consistent and quiet power, compared to generators at a higher price range.
  • This Gentron generator is able to power a range of heavy appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers and washing machines due to high wattage.
  • Its CARB-compliant version adheres to the California Air Resource Board standards, and is more environmentally-friendly.


  • Since it is a small engine, you need to change the oil regularly.
  • You might need to perform monthly run-ins or “exercise” the generator for at least thirty minutes under a light load.

Gentron 7,500-Watt Portable Electric Start Generator — The Backup Generator You Can Count On

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Perfect for powering your home in an emergency, this portable Gentron generator comes with an electric and recoil start and offers a surge output of 7,500 watts. Sturdily built with a heavy-duty steel frame, it is air-cooled with low oil shutoff, and designed to run on gasoline for maximum convenience. Thanks to its high wattage and durability, this could also work great on construction sites.

This generator offers a 13HP, 389cc, air-cooled, OHV 4-stroke horizontal engine, and can run for 9 hours at 1/2 load. No stumbling in the dark with this one!

Features of Gentron 7,500-Watt Portable Electric Start Generator

  • Rated AC Output: 6,000 watts
  • Max AC Output: 7,500 watts
  • Durable, air cooled with low oil shutoff
  • Power Source: Gasoline-powered
  • Full power panel with engine shutoff switch, voltmeter, circuit breaker and power outlets

  • Safety features such as full power panel with engine shut-off switch, low oil shut off, automatic voltage regulator, circuit breaker and power outlets.
  • This model features a more rugged body design and is durable.
  • Comes with electric key start (battery included).
  • The frame comes with fully-isolated motor mounts for noise reduction.
  • This generator has a backup pull-start recoil system.
  • Comes with a large, 8″ wheel kit for easy transportation.
  • EPA approved emissions.
  • Generator cover increases the longevity of the product.
  • Easy to use and portable.


  • Not for sale to California Residents.
  • The generator is on the heavier side.

Gentron 3500-Watt Portable Powered Generator— A Compact Powerhouse

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With a run time of 11 hrs at half load, this is a portable Gentron generator that can power your needs on the go. One of the quieter generators in the market, this can easily power your laptop, television, and refrigerator at once; a small package that packs a punch.

Features of Gentron 3500-Watt Portable Generator

  • Dimensions: 23″ x 17.5″ x 17.5″
  • Weight: 127 lbs
  • Running Watts: 3000
  • Power Source: Gasoline-powered
  • Run Time at Half Load: 11 hrs
  • Noise level: 67

  • At 127 lbs, this is one of the generators that you can take with you on a camping trip, or just power a small home consistently.
  • With a noise level of just 67 dB, you are assured of a consistent and quiet power supply.
  • Electric start fires the generator up quickly and efficiently.
  • Easy assembly and setup.
  • One of the cheapest generators, given its specifications.


  • Its wattage system does not allow more than two heavy appliances, such as freezers, microwaves and washing machines, to be used at once.

Are You Ready to Pick a Powerhouse?

As we draw to the end of these Gentron generator reviews, the conclusion we can come to is that the trick really is to identify your power needs and prioritize them. Whatever your requirements might be, there’s a generator out there that can meet them — and if a sturdy, reliable source is what you’re looking for, Gentron generators can show you the light at the push of a button.

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