Inversion Table vs Inversion Gravity Boots

In recent years, inversion therapy has become a very common way of treating various health conditions. It is very popularly used as a method to relieve back pain and also other conditions such as herniated disc, spinal stenosis, and disc degeneration. Inversion can easily be done in the comfort of your home by using an inversion table or gravity boots.

Understanding Inversion Tables and Inversion Gravity Boots

Both the inversion table as well as inversion gravity boots work on the same principle of inversion. While both of them serve the same purpose, the way both of them are used are quite different.

Inversion Table

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An inversion table is a flat surface or a cot with soft ankle braces or boots at one end and it has a small pillow on the other end, to place your neck. You need to place the ankles and cuff them to the braces or you may have to secure your ankles with the help of a strap and then stand up straight. When you lean backward, the table will rotate to an upside-down position and you can adjust the angle of inversion as per your requirement. Maintaining the inverted position helps to stretch your spine and helps to relieve pressure.

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Inversion Boots

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On the other hand, inversion boots, also known as gravity boots, allow you to suspend yourself with the position of your feet comfortably above your head. In the case of inversion boots, these are cuffs or ankle braces that are latched firmly onto your ankles and you hang upside down freely attached by the boots to an inversion rack or horizontal suspension bar, without any other support. The best gravity boots should fit properly and lock the ankle and calf securely to the support. It should be equipped with sturdy and strong hooks that can help you to suspend from an appropriate place.

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While the inversion table provides support for your back and you can rotate the table as per your preference, gravity boots allow you to be suspended in the air by your ankles freely, without any other support. However, you must understand both these methods of inversion therapy thoroughly and determine if it is suitable for you before actually trying them out.

Fitness Benefits of Inversion Table and Gravity Boots

Both inversion tables and gravity boots are quite similar in terms of the fitness and other benefits they offer, including some of the following benefits we are about to discuss.

Prevents Back Pain

Both inversion tables and gravity boots are beneficial for reducing back pain. The pressure on your spine eases by elongating and stretching the spinal cord. Your back gets freed up, the muscles in your back relax and this allows your body to relax completely. By hanging upside down the effects of gravity can be reversed. While hanging upside down, the spine gets de-compressed and the space between the vertebrae increases, which reduces problems like spinal stenosis, scoliosis, osteoarthritis, etc. Inversion therapy using either inversion tables or gravity boots can help to avoid expensive and complicated surgeries for back problems.

Strengthens the Core

Inversion therapy using an inversion table or gravity boots help to strengthen the core muscles including the muscles of the lower and middle back and also the abdominal muscles. These core muscles support the upper body, help in movement, maintain strength, balance and good posture. Gravity boots allow you to do particular core exercises while being properly aligned without injuring yourself. Inversion therapy helps to improve your posture by readjusting the spine to the natural ā€œSā€ shape.

Improves Mental Health

Inversion therapy is a great way to reduce stress and improve mental health. When you are in the inverse position using an inversion table or gravity boots, it causes the cortisol levels to dip, increasing the circulation and the movement of hormones in the body, helping to reduce depression, mood swings, insomnia and reducing stress. Not to mention that inversion can be great fun too.

Improves Overall Health

Inversion is great for the treatment of indigestion and it helps to detoxify the body without following a special diet or cleansing. Inversion also increases blood circulation and there is an increase in the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the head and face, helping to improve your complexion and also reducing the effects of aging.

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Inversion Table versus Gravity Boots

  • You need to get used to both inversion tables and gravity boots.
  • You may need the help of another person to ensure that you are suspended properly on the inversion table, whereas you can fix the boots to the bars by yourself and once the gravity boots are fixed securely to the bars, then you are all set to do some inversion.
  • Inversion boots need a pull-up bar. So make sure you have one in order to use the boots.
  • In order to use inversion boots by yourself, you need to be strong enough to hang on the bar and lift your feet up in order to latch on the gravity boots onto the bar. If you are not fit enough to do that alone, you may need an assistance of another person.
  • Inversion tables offer support to the body and you can arrange the table in different inversion angles according to your comfort. Gravity boots offer no support and once you attach the safety clips to the bar, then you are suspended upside down freely.
  • Inversion tables can be used practically by everyone, even elderly people can use the table. However, gravity boots can be used only by individuals who are extremely fit and do not suffer from any health conditions.
  • Inversion tables help to take the pressure off all your joints and you can adjust your angle of inversion as you wish, whereas, gravity boots are meant for experienced people and allow you to invert fully by 90 degrees.
  • An inversion table occupies a lot of space and can be difficult to store when not in use, while gravity boots do not occupy any space at all and can be stored very easily.
  • Inversion tables are quite expensive, while gravity boots are a relatively inexpensive option.

Both inversion tables and gravity boots can have several health benefits offered by inversion therapy, but they have their drawbacks too. It is always a good idea to check with your medical practitioner about the suitability of inversion therapy for you and you must be especially cautious if you suffer from health conditions like heart disease, eye problems like detached retina, glaucoma, etc. or high blood pressure and you should avoid it if you are pregnant, obese or suffer from hernia. However, if you are reasonably fit, then inversion therapy using an inversion table or gravity boots may be a great way to workout that can help you get into shape and also benefit your overall health.

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