A-iPower Generators Review

How many electrical devices and gadgets do you use in a day? Start with the most obvious ones – cellphones and laptops in your hands, the kettle for your morning cuppa, the hoover for when you must (unfortunately) vacuum the carpet, the TV for game nights, and the dishwasher with its oh-so-familiar rumble. That’s six already, and you haven’t even had a chance to think of all the lights, fans, the AC and the microwave yet. And this is just your house. What about office spaces? What about when you travel?

In an age where our days, nights and hours are spent flicking switches on and off, it is almost shocking that one seems to think very little about how these devices are powered. It’s true, isn’t it? You spend hours reading reviews and blogs, scouting the web for deals, and consulting everyone from your co-workers to the bartender at your friendly neighborhood bar about which gadget to buy next. But what about the one gadget that keeps all your other gadgets and devices running, even when the power goes away? The little-thought-of, but extremely indispensable power generator! Lit up a bulb in your head, didn’t it? Everyone knows how much inconvenience power cuts can cause – from not being able to perform necessary chores, to putting work on hold in offices, to making life unbearable with the absence of that air-conditioner in the summer, or the cosy comfort of the radiator in the freezing summer. And what about security systems? Most security systems and even internet connectivity rely on the availability of continuous power supply.

Surprisingly, for a home gadget as useful and indispensable as a power generator, shopping for one on the web can be a real task, which results in you taking home a bulky, inconvenient and noisy power generator that makes your bills skyrocket. The good news is that amongst all this confusion, looking at the right power generator reviews, can actually help you make the right choice. Most power generator reviews, quite like the generators themselves, are bulky, unnecessarily loaded and confusing, and need you to skim and scan for relevant information.

Here’s some respite – a neat guide on what to look for while buying a power generator, and power generator reviews of not just one, but three products from A-iPower, one of the leading manufacturers of power generators, headquartered in Ontario California. With over 25 years of experience and reliability, they bring you a range of generators to suit your needs, whether you’re living in a quaint apartment or you’re a happy camper who likes spending weekends in the woods. Their generators use state-of-the-art technology, and are built to bring you maximum output while still remaining easy to install, operate and move.

What’s more, they offer to repair your A-iPower generator at no extra cost for diagnostics, replacements and labor, provided you meet their warranty conditions. They offer a 1-year warranty on residential and a 2-year warranty for commercial equipment that you buy from them.

The Reviews: A-iPower Generators

ImageGenerator ReviewsMax Continuous Running WattsMax Starting Watts
A-iPower 12,000W9,00012,000Check Price
A-iPower SUA15001,2001,500Check Price
A-iPower 5000W4,2505,000Check Price

A-iPower 12,000W: The ‘Big Beast’ Generator

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The first on our list, this electric-start generator in an attractive silver-grey finish has some stellar features, that help it provide up to 9 hours of runtime at 50% load.

Features of the A-iPower 12,000W Generator

  • 12,000 starting watts/ 9,000 running watts with electric start
  • 1.2 inch (32 mm) diameter, rigid tubular steel frame
  • 7.0 gallon, large heavy duty all steel construction fuel tank
  • 9.5” never-flat wheels
  • GFCI Protected Outlets
  • Built-in DC adapter plug, built for charging your battery or using with your USB adapter to charge your cellphone.
  • Neutral bonded to frame for added safety
  • 12V-14AH maintenance-free battery included
  • Keyless one-touch push button provides an effortless start

  • Effortless, hassle-free user experience
  • Flexibility in terms of charging options
  • Added safety features
  • Highly portable and easy-to-move
  • Sturdy, low-maintenance design
  • Optimum utilisation of fuel


  • Small breaker (36 amps), which can reduce max output
  • No mechanism for noise reduction

A-iPower SUA1500: The Quiet but Efficient Generator

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This 1,500-watt power generator scores high on sleekness, ease of use and optimum performance, allowing multiple motor-driven appliances and tools to operate simultaneously. This is also a great idea for residential spaces – with its built-in noise reduction mechanism, this power generator works without disrupting the peace and calm of your home or neighborhood.

Features of the A-iPower SUA1500

  • 1,500 Starting Watts / 1,200 Running Watts
  • 98cc / 3HP OHV, single cylinder, air-cooled, 4-stroke engine with manual start
  • 65 lbs
  • 1.6 gallon, large heavy duty construction fuel tank
  • High-performance alternator provides greater peak wattage
  • Effortless start
  • Lightweight and super portable
  • Heavy-duty reinforced steel muffler helps minimize the noise levels

  • High on ease of use, with features like the oversized recoil and ergonomically designed big grip.
    Low noise levels.
  • Compact, light and highly portable.


  • Not sturdy enough, less suitable for outdoors.
  • No self-start feature.

A-iPower 5000W: The Compact and Cost-Effective Generator

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This is the third power generator by A-iPower – yet another product that comes with all the standard features, with an engine that is designed to give you great value worth your money. A great option for those with bigger apartments, or small offices. This model is also pretty cost-effective, offering you optimal output for the money you pay.

Features of the A-iPower 5000W

  • 5000 starting watts/4,250 running watts
  • 223cc/7.5hp OHV Engine
  • 12V Multifunction Port; 1 – 12VDC 8.3A Adaptor Plug / USB Ready
  • Full GFCI Outlets; 2 – NEMA 120VAC 20A, GFCI protected
  • Easy-Pull Recoil Start
  • Average run time of 9 hours at 50% load
  • 30-Amp RV Adapter

  • Ideal for home, office or recreational use
  • GFCI protected outlets
  • Multi-functional ports
  • Sturdy metal body, compact and easy to move
  • Optimized fuel output; great value for money


  • No self-start feature
  • May be noisier as compared to other models

Picking the Right Generator

As mind-boggling as it may seem, picking the right power generator is only a matter of getting a few basics right. Here are a few things you should consider, before you invest in one. This guide should definitely come in handy when you’re buying a power generator for your space the next time.

Power Requirement

Even before you decide to buy a generator, you must first determine the wattage required by all of your appliances – make sure you include all your appliances, every one of them, big or small, affects the power requirements of your home or office.

One important thing to remember? Appliances may have starting wattage requirements that are as much as three or four times higher than the continuous wattage that they need, which can be easily taken care of by a portable generator.


What do your need a generator for? Is it to fire up the electricity in your tiny apartment during the occasional power cut? Or are you looking to off-road your generator by using it to power your camping trailer for a hike in the woods? For example, you are going to need a sturdy, but not too heavy piece of equipment for the woods, one that has particularly strong wheels that can withstand rough terrain, and a heavy-duty body that won’t get battered even in rough weather.

Outlets Required

Depending on how many appliances you’ll need to power at once, you can figure out how many outlets you’ll need on your generator. Remember, different types of appliances use different outlets. So you might want to plan which appliances you use most frequently, what their power requirements are. For example, you may want to prioritise ventilation or heating in the summer or winter, making sure that no matter what, your air-conditioner and heater are always connected to a power supply.

Stationary vs. Portable

Most people think stationary power generators are a better option, since they offer high output and are self-starting once installed. In addition, there is a common fear of portable generators being hazardous since they’re fuelled by gasoline/fuel, making them combustible. This may have been true when portable generators were newly introduced, but today, portable generators come with a host of safety features that make them a great option to consider. What’s more, they are easy to set up, can be easily transported from one point to another, and do not come with high installation costs like stationary generators.

Buying a power generator is definitely a big decision – one that impacts your home, office or recreational space. It’s also an investment, one that must be made with great caution, because after spending hundreds of dollars, you don’t want to be left with a noisy, bulky piece of equipment that takes forever to start. With the right generator, everything from cooking, ventilation to camping becomes a breeze, even in the middle of intermittent power cuts. No matter what the power situation, you’ll have a quick, reliable solution to count on, to ensure smooth sailing through a power cut. All you need to do, is weigh your options, put some thought into your wattage needs and appliances, and pick the generator that suits you the most. Don’t worry about safety or noise – A-iPower’s power generators have you covered, and fueled up too!

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