Predator 4000-Watt Generator Review

If you’re looking for a powerful generator that can supply power to all the appliances in your RV, then the Predator 4000-Watt Generator is an ideal buy. This flawless-looking generator ensures that you have auxiliary power even if the grid goes down and you’re not left struggling with issues like ACs malfunctioning or lights flickering, etc. in your RV.

The Predator 4000 generator is beautifully built and doesn’t have any dangerous and sharp edges. The red and black color of the unit is sleek and well-finished. The unit comes with a heavy-duty steel roll protective cage.

This portable generator is equipped with a fuel tank that is top-mounted which is covered by a big-sized fuel cap. The control panel is very accessible and contains the switches, receptacles, low oil warning light and circuits. The unit is equipped with a carburetor and a spark plug that are extremely easy to clean and it has 5 outlets. The generator has a decently long runtime of around 10 hours, which is comparable to some of the more advanced portable generator models.

The Predator 4000-Watt Generator is quite a heavy unit and weighs around 128 lbs, which is fine if you plan to permanently install it in your RV. If you plan to move the unit around, then you may require a wheel kit to do so. However, you will find that the generator is not really very heavy and the weight is quite manageable once you get used to handling it.

The only minus point of this 4000-Watt generator is that the oil-fill plug is not very convenient to access and if you want to pour oil into the unit, you need to use a funnel with a long nozzle to do so. Draining the oil out can also be a little cumbersome, as you need to tilt the entire generator unit in order to get the oil to flow out. The unit lacks an oil drain plug, which would have made the maintenance of the unit much easier.

Features and Specs of the Predator 4000-Watt Generator

  • Engine Details: 212cc, air-cooled OHV gas engine, 6.5 HP.
  • Produces up to 4000 peak starting Watts and 3200 Watts of continuous power.
  • Runtime: 10 hours at 50% capacity.
  • Heavy-duty 1-inch steel roll cage.
  • 20A duplex outlets, 30A twist lock outlet, 12V DC outlet, 120V, 3 prong, 240V, 4 prong.
  • Low oil shutdown/low oil indicator.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use and easy to clean unit.
  • Well-built and compact construction.
  • Control panel very accessible.
  • Long runtime (10 hours).
  • Has many outlets.


  • 128 lbs is quite heavy for one person to carry. Two people can handle it though.
  • Does not have an oil drain plug.

Overall, the Predator 4000-Watt generator is very user-friendly and has superior features. It has an excellent build and finish. This generator is a wonderful and value-for-money piece of equipment that will add immense value to your RV gear.

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If you love going on camping trips with your family, but still like doing it in relative comfort, RVs are a great way to do just that. And, while you’re camping out in your RV and you want to watch some television, listen to the radio, keep your lights on and charge your mobile phone, you need an RV generator that is capable of doing all that. Some RV generators can also keep your refrigerator running, electrical appliances working and also run your RV water pump.

Choosing an appropriate generator for your RV and for all your other electric requirements while camping will make your trip more convenient. However, before selecting the best RV generator, you should evaluate various factors before making your final purchase decision.

What Is the Best RV Generator?

There are mainly 2 types of generators available – portable and standby generators.

Standby Generators

These are essentially stationary generators meant for running all the electrical appliances in your home or workplace when there is a power outage. This kind of a generator is usually hardwired into the power of your home. This type of generator is also used for agricultural and industrial applications. Standby generators are used with a starting system and an automatic transfer switch.

Portable Generators

Portable generators are those that can be taken wherever you go and these are most appropriate for powering all the appliances, etc. in an RV. A portable generator provides sufficient wattage to keep electrical appliances working outdoors. Portable generators are smaller and less expensive compared to standby generators. Most portable generators have a pull-start feature and they work well even when the weather is very cold. Others are equipped with an electric start option.

Things to Look for in the Best RV Generator

Type of Generator

You should choose a generator that will meet the requirements of your RV the best. A portable inverter generator is usually ideal when it comes to powering up all the appliances in your RV. An inverter generator is more high-tech and advanced and is more well-suited to meet the high-power requirements of an RV. Also, since these inverters generate a “sine wave”, which is more stable, it more practical for all the RV equipment. Predator 4000 does not feature inverter technology, however Predator’s smaller 2000-Watt model does. So be sure to check it out, if you are planning to run some sensitive electronics such as laptop through your generator.

Low Noise Levels

The best RV generator is one that ideally produces the least amount of noise. The noise level of the generator is not only disturbing to people around, it also affects the overall quality and performance of the engine of the RV generator.

Compact Build

An ideal portable RV generator should have a compact construction. It should not be bulky, it must be lightweight and at the same time, it should be sturdy and tough. The best RV generator is usually one that is of a decent size with a compact build and is not too heavy so that it can be transported easily. The generator should be manageable in terms of the size and weight and at the same time, it should be able to meet the minimum wattage required by the RV.

Fuel Efficiency

The RV generator should have a high engine performance and the fuel consumption of the generator should be very low. Make sure that the RV generator you buy does not consume too much energy that costs more than the overall cost of the generator unit itself. High fuel consumption results in wastage and it also reduces the overall durability and performance of the generator.


One of the most important factors that affect your purchase decision is the price of the generator and once you have narrowed your choices to a few models based on the factors such as power capacity, noise levels, fuel efficiency, reliability, etc., then look for a model that gives you the best value for your money.

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