Predator 8750-Watt Generator Review

Whether you live in an area where the power supply is erratic, or you enjoy camping in the outdoors in your RV (recreational vehicle), a reliable power generator is a must-have. You also want a generator which can be brought into service minutes after a power breakdown, especially if you need backup during extreme weather conditions or grid fluctuation.

While the temptation to seek cheaper, lighter generators with greater mobility could be high, a power backup should be resilient, durable and designed to provide quality power in case of emergencies.

If your power requirements are high, the Predator 8750 Peak/7000 Running Watts, 13 HP Generator is a good alternative. While it does not carry the big-brand tag, the Predator generator delivers high power for a lesser price than branded alternatives with similar outputs that are available in the market.

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This generator charges high-voltage tools for recreation, job site and domestic applications, construction, and gardening. Additionally, it can be used for starting up low-voltage equipment.

What sets Predator generators apart from the rest is also their ease of use and durability. All Predator models, including the 8750/7000, are very easy to operate under most conditions. A fueled generator needs to be switched on, its choke applied and the ripcord pulled. The startup time for this model is very short, and it starts almost immediately after the first pull. Only users living in very cold areas (where temperatures could get as low as -20 degrees Celsius) could have trouble starting the generator immediately and might have to allow it some time to warm up.

The Predator 8500/7000 W delivers higher amounts of power than most users might actually require unless an entire household is being run on it for long durations of time. Designed particularly for emergencies like hurricanes and blackouts, the multiple power outlets on this generator make it possible for appliances like refrigerators, freezers, even well pumps and microwave ovens, to operate on it. Therefore, users can be assured that during a grid breakdown for any number of reasons, the Predator 8500/7000 will keep up the air con or heating (as the need may be) and preserve food for up to 12 hours on a full tank.

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All the functionality of this model comes with a major downside – its weight. Weighing a bulky 220 pounds, the generator does not lend itself to portability. It is most convenient for use if it is not being hauled around a lot. However, in case you do need to transport it, an optional wheel kit can be attached to the frame that gives the generator more mobility.

While the Predator range of generators is easier to maintain than most others, the fuel used is bound to disintegrate if left unutilized for considerable spells of time. It is therefore advisable to fire up the generator once every three months or so, and keep adding fuel stabilizer to prevent gas wastage.

Features of the Predator 8750/7000 W Generator

  • The features of the Predator 8500/7000 W are very impressive, and give you a fair idea of its functionality:
  • 420 cc/13 HP air-cooled OHV gas engine
  • Electric start with recoil backup (this would require a battery that has to be purchased separately)
  • Runs for 12 hours at 50% capacity
  • Circuit breakers meeting UL specifications
  • Six Outlets: Two 120V, 3-prong 20A duplex outlets, one 120V, 3-prong 20A twist lock outlet, one 240V, 4-prong, 30A twist lock outlet and one 12V DC outlet
  • Indication and shutdown at low oil levels
  • Framed in 1-ΒΌ inch steel cage
  • Fuel Type: 87+ Octane Unleaded
  • Fuel Requirement: 6.6 gallons
  • Sound Rating: 76 decibels
  • Height: 22-3/4 inches
  • Length: 26-7/8 inches
  • Width: 22 inches
  • Weight: 220 lb

Pros and Cons


  • The 420 cc/13 HP air-cooled OHV engine makes it ideal for outdoor usage.
  • Multiple outlets for AC and DC with different ratings and a combined 60A amperage make it a viable option for connecting heavy machinery such as construction equipment, or high voltage domestic appliances like refrigerators, ACs, and microwave ovens.
  • The startup time is very short and the generator starts with the first pull of the ripcord about 95% of the time.
  • The design is sturdy. The steel frame is strong and durable which protects the components, and the fittings are such that the parts do not loosen even with prolonged usage.
  • The generator offers uninterrupted power for nearly 12 hours at 50% load, which is a considerable amount given the high ratings.
  • Air-cooled circuit breakers ensure safety, as fire hazards associated with oil-cooled circuit breakers are avoided.
  • Low oil level indicators enable users to refuel well in advance and avoid interruption in power.
  • Can easily power an RV as its primary power source.
  • Easy and safe to operate.
  • Offers good value for money.


  • The weight is a major disadvantage as it affects portability.
  • The nuts and bolts are prone to rusting if the generator is left outside.
  • The operation is noisy as compared to other alternatives.
  • The battery needs to be purchased separately. As does the wheel kit, if you intend to move the generator around a lot.
  • If used in cold climate, the generator could take considerably more time to start. However, this can be fixed by storing it in an area with heating.
  • It is not a very viable option in case the need for backup is for a short duration, or only required for low power equipment.

To sum up, the Predator 8750/7000 W 13 HP Generator is the best option if your backup power requirement is high, you need to run multiple high voltage devices or you wish to enjoy uninterrupted power supply off the grid, for instance, in an RV for longer durations. Users have also found it extremely useful and reliable as an energy source during calamities like hurricanes and grid failures. It is very pocket-friendly, offers tremendous amounts of power for its price and if the bulk is not a concern for you, it is arguably the most feasible and low-maintenance backup power source for heavy duty applications.

If you need a smaller generator Predator has other great options that are worth checking out. They offer 4000-Watt generator, as well as a highly-portable 2000-Watt inverter generator.

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