TimberPro Chainsaw Reviews

Buying a professional chainsaw may be a good option if your daily work or your job requires the use of the chainsaw day in and day out. None of the standard chainsaws can match the power of professional chainsaws that have been designed keeping professional applications in mind. Professional chainsaws are designed and engineered to take on grueling and intensive cutting jobs on a regular basis. These chainsaws are capable of handling the most challenging cutting jobs and possess the capacity, durability, and power to do so.

TimberPro has a line up of professional-grade chainsaws. We will have an in-depth look at 3 TimberPro chainsaws today.

In-Depth Reviews of TimberPro Chainsaws

ImageTimberPro Chainsaw ReviewsEngine SizeBar LengthAmazon Price
62cc 20" Petrol Chainsaw62cc20"Check Price
58cc 3.4HP 20" Petrol Chainsaw58cc 20"Check Price
26cc 10" Petrol Top Handle Topping Chainsaw26cc10"Check Price

TimberPro 62cc 20″ Petrol Chainsaw – The Powerful One

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If you are looking for an easy-on-the-pocket but a powerful chainsaw, then your search ends here. The TimberPro 62cc 20″ Petrol Chainsaw is available for a brilliant price, is easy to assemble and is ideal for use in any home.

The 20-inch bar of the chainsaw makes it great for all cutting jobs around the yard and it can handle cutting big-sized trees and logs. The unit is equipped with a 2-stroke air-cooled petrol engine that is 62 cc. The alloy starting mechanism (spring loaded starter) makes the starting the chainsaw super easy.

The TimberPro 62 cc Chainsaw has a chain tensioner that is side-mounted which allows you to adjust the chain easily as per your requirement. The chain is continuously lubricated thanks to the automatic chain lubrication system. This can be a drawback, as the oil consumed is rather high, which the chainsaw adequately makes up for with its superior performance.

The chainsaw unit comes with 2 high-quality chains that can take up almost any kind of work. The unit comes with a 2-year warranty for usage at home only.

Features of the TimberPro 62cc 20″ Petrol Chainsaw

  • Size: 10.04 x 15.16 x 11.02 inches.
  • Weight: 15.4 lbs.
  • 62 cc, 2-stroke, air cooled engine.
  • 20-inch bar and chain.
  • Side mounted chain tensioner for easy access.
  • Alloy easy starting mechanism.
  • Automatic chain lubrication.
  • Chain Oil Capacity: 260ml.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 550ml.
  • Unit comes with 2 chains, a carry bag, fuel mixing bottle, fuel guard, basic tool kit and an instruction guide in English.
  • Comes with 2-year warranty for home use.

  • Super easy starting.
  • Great price.
  • Good performance and power.
  • Automatic chain lubricator.


  • Oil consumption may be on the higher side.
  • The chain may be a bit difficult to attach at the start, but can be sorted out with the help of the well-detailed instruction guide.
  • Body completely made of plastic.

TimberPro 58cc 3.4HP 20″ Petrol Chainsaw – The Versatile Chainsaw

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This chainsaw is powerful and versatile and is an ideal machine for home and professional users. The TimberPro 58 cc 3.4 HP 20″ Petrol Chainsaw is quite lightweight making it very easy to handle and carry wherever you go. However, despite being lightweight, the unit offers a powerful performance.

The petrol-powered engine of the TimberPro 58 cc Chainsaw is quite powerful and you can get all your jobs done very quickly and easily. The chainsaw is equipped with the automatic chain lubrication system that oils the chain of the machine continuously. The 20-inch bar of the chainsaw is made of high-quality materials that increase its functionality as well as durability and enables you to fell large trees or cut big logs for fire effortlessly.

The unit comes along with 2 high-quality chains and a basic toolkit that aids in the easy assembly of the chainsaw. The inbuilt chain tensioner allows you to adjust the chain as per your requirement and the chainsaw comes with a sturdy carry bag that allows you to carry the machine safely and comfortably wherever you go.

Features of the TimberPro 58 cc 3.4 HP 20″ Petrol Chainsaw

  • Powerful 58cc, 3.4HP, 2.6kW, 2-stroke air cooled engine.
  • 20-inch bar and chain.
  • Weight: 11.9 lbs.
  • Automatic chain lubrication.
  • Chain Oil Capacity: 260 ml.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 550 ml.
  • 2 high-quality chains included.
  • Inbuilt chain tensioner.
  • Unit comes with high-quality heavy-duty carry bag, assembly tools, fuel mixing bottle, saw blade cover and detailed user manual in English.

  • Good performance.
  • Starts very easily.
  • Value for money buy.


  • Usage of oil may be on the higher side.
  • A complete plastic body may not be very sturdy.

TimberPro 26cc 10″ Petrol Top Handle Topping Chainsaw – The Chainsaw for Ultimate Convenience

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The TimberPro 26 cc 10″ Petrol Top Handle Topping Chainsaw is a gas operated top handle chainsaw which makes cutting very easy when you’re cutting from above the ground. The chainsaw is extremely convenient and easy to operate.

Although the chainsaw has 2 chains, it is quite lightweight, which makes it comfortable to handle and maneuver the machine, even while you’re cutting at a height. However, despite having a compact, small build and being lightweight, the TimberPro 26 cc 10” Chainsaw is quite powerful and can cut through wood effortlessly. The length of the chainsaw blade is 10-inches that allows handling most cutting jobs like trimming and topping quite easily.

The 2-stroke single cylinder engine of the TimberPro 26 cc 10” Chainsaw is air cooled that ensures better functioning and longer lifespan of the product. The automatic chain lubrication system keeps the chain oiled always and also helps to start the chainsaw easily in all types of weather conditions.

The TimberPro 26cc 10” Chainsaw unit comes with a carrying bag, fuel mixing bottle, and a blade guard. The unit has a 2-year manufacturer warranty that offers you complete peace of mind.

Features of the TimberPro 26cc 10” Chainsaw

  • 26 cc, 2-stroke engine.
  • 10-inch blade.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy start system.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.

  • Lightweight – weighs only 12 lbs.
  • Easy to start and operate.
  • Automatic chain lubrication system keeps the chain well-oiled.
  • The unit includes useful accessories.


  • Chain brake resetting system may be a bit tricky to handle.

Whatever be your cutting need, TimberPro has chainsaws for every application however big or small. So, if you’re looking for a chainsaw for use around your garden or yard at home or for professional use, you can consider buying a TimberPro.

Nevertheless, buying a chainsaw is a long-term investment decision. So, it is a good idea to evaluate the various models available in the market and do your due diligence before making your final selection, lest you’re stuck with a chainsaw that does not meet your cutting requirements and the money you have spent is wasted.

What Are Professional Chainsaws?

Professional chainsaws are designed with advanced features that make professional cutting jobs like felling trees, cutting huge logs and other heavy-duty cutting jobs for professionals like lumberjacks, ranchers, farmers, etc., much simpler.

Advantages of Professional Chainsaws

Professional chainsaws are more rugged, durable and more powerful that make them suitable for heavy-duty cutting applications and some of the features that make these chainsaws well-suited for professional use are:

  • Professional chainsaws have engines that are high performance and can take on more challenging and heavy-duty jobs.
  • These chainsaws are more balanced and can be used for long periods of time and help to improve your balance and stability, without causing a lot of fatigue.
  • Professional chainsaws can be assembled, dismantled and reassembled very easily for repairs unlike regular chainsaws and professional chainsaws are quite long lasting too.
  • Professional chainsaws have better performance-to-weight ratios, which gives them higher cutting capabilities and also enhances their portability.

Why Should You Choose a Professional Chainsaw?

A good quality professional chainsaw is a long-term investment and will cost you quite a bit of money. So, it is essential that you buy a model that is durable and will be able to use for a long period of time.

If you buy a cheap, inexpensive model, you may save money in the short term but in the long run, you will end up spending more money on repairing or replacing the cheaper model often. Ensure that you buy a chainsaw that will give you reliable service for a few years at least, even if it doesn’t last a lifetime.

A professional chainsaw usually has advanced features that will make your work much simpler. These models are usually more versatile and can be used for a wide range of cutting applications. So, if you plan to use your chainsaw for more than a single application, then you will realize that a professional chainsaw is your best choice.

While you can use your professional chainsaw for tougher cutting jobs, you will discover that these models are so versatile that they can even handle simpler and lighter jobs that do not require heavy-duty powerful machines.

In this article, we will be reviewing some of the TimberPro chainsaw models that are professional-grade chainsaws which are suitable for varied kinds of applications, be it for use at home or at a ranch, a farm or for felling trees; there is a model for each application.

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